Creating Whitespace

Business owners today are exasperated. There’s so much competition, so many new forms of marketing and technology and a constant toward price competition and commoditization. How are you going to find a profitable spot in the industry?  How do you compete and set yourself apart from your competitors and the new upstarts in your industry?  Organizations need to find a unique space in their industry that they can dominate and achieve increased sales and profitability.  They need to create their own “White Space.”


Creating White Space is an interactive workshop that will provide you the tools and processes  to create a unique and unoccupied niche in your  industry. 

Upon completion, workshop participants will be able to:


  • Build a competence that will clearly differentiate your organization.
  • Communicate and market the tangible value of your competence to your current and potentials customers.
  • Increase profitability by getting paid for the value of your organizational competence.
  • Implement a talent management system to select, develop and retain the talent to deliver on your competence and strategy.
  • Drive profitable growth  through a new  market niche (whitespace) uncontested competitors.
  • Improve your return on marketing investment (ROMI) through competence based marketing
  • Attain thought leadership status in your industry.


Who Should Attend?

This event will provide unique value for CEO’s and executive leaders in organizations that sell to other businesses in the manufacturing, capital goods and professional services markets.

  • Business owners, leaders and executives from small to medium sized businesses
  • Board members
  • Business-to-business marketing professionals



  1. 10:00to 10:30am       Creating theFoundation for a White Space Organization

 Before we embark on our journey to Creating White Space, we’ll lay down the foundation for combining strategy, talent and thought leadership and allow you to get acquainted with your colleagues in the room to set the tone for a high-energy and interactive event.

  • 10:30to 11:45am       Developing YourCompetence and Differentiation
    Market leaders are masters of strategy. In this session, you will work through defining or redefining yourcompetence and determining your differentiation. We’ll then take thatimpenetrable differentiation and focus on how you deliver tangible valueto your current clients and future prospects.

  • Lunch11:45 to 12:15


  • 12:15to 1:15pm         Build the Team toAchieve Your Dream
    The finest strategy in the world will never get you anywhere if you don’thave the right team to get the job done. In this segment, you work throughthe process of selecting, developing and retaining the right people tohelp you execute your strategy and take it to market.  You’ll learn about the tools andtechniques that the most successful companies in the world use to build askill-set aligned team to deliver results year after year.


  • Break1:15 pm to 1:30 pm


  • 1:30- 2:45pm             ThoughtLeadership Marketing       

A differentiated strategy backed by exceptional talent management will position you to capitalize on your strengths and position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. We’ll show you how to take your core competencies and turn them into a defensible market position for long-term marketing success.


  • 2:45to 3:30pm           Building YourTactical Plan

    Before we depart, you will work through an actual tactical planning processto put everything we talked about into an action-oriented format that youcan begin using immediately.


  • 3:30to 4:00pm Panel Discussion - Question and Answer or Live Case Study


  • 4:00pm to ?   Networking Social

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