Spirituality and Self-Care...for intelligent, creative, strong, free-spirited, independent women

Spirituality for Women - Wise women, strong women, change makers, artists
(4 Tuesday evenings, with options...)
Classes only OR Classes plus month-long 'day-retreat package'
YOUR JOY is the greatest gift you can give to another.
You're allowed, and encouraged, to be happy!  Self-care is important and vital.
Woman, you are the gates to the body and gates to the soul.  - Walt Whitman
The female soul is no small thing.  Neither is a woman's right to define the sacred from a woman's perspective.  - Sue Monk Kidd
Confidence and Self-Esteem Building Spirituality for Women.

A woman's spirit and soul has different needs than a man's.   And one day it becomes VITAL to our well-being and happiness to HONOR those needs, to SHINE brightly, to be the LIGHT, and healers and harbringers of peace and wisdom, we are here to be.

One of those needs is to be with other women...

Strong women, wise, intelligent women, healers, and leaders know it takes courage to be who we are.  Historically we have not always been well-received.  At times, it has been dangerous to be who we are.
Somewhere in our souls, we remember the burning time, when women were persecuted and burned alive as witches.  This went on for three hundred years of the Inquisition.  In what has been referred to in contemporary times as "the women's holocaust," more women were burned at the stake than were killed in the Nazi gas ovens during the Holocaust in World War II.  First the midwives were burned for easing the pains of childbirth (which went against the biblical injunction that women were supposed to suffer), then the healers who knew the medicinal uses of herbs, women who celebrated the seasons, eccentric women, women with possessions someone coveted, outspoken women, bright women, women without protection.  This collective memory has an effect much as any personal repressed trauma does; it makes women anxious when we discover our own sacred experiences and find words for them.  We need courage to bring forth what we know.  Somewhere in our souls, women remember a time when divinity was called goddess and mother.
Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD
Crossing to Avalon: A Woman's Midlife Pilgrimage
A powerful month-long series to support, take care of, affirm and inspire your soul.  A month of empowering, inspiring, freeing, strengthening of who you are ...
honor the work you are here to do and who you are to be...
Woman’s spirit needs other women--voices and wisdom from a woman's perspective,
...to find peace within, and affirmation, especially when life gets complicated, confusing, messy, stifling, disconnected. 
This month is for women to take time out, to reconnect, to reflect, to retreat a bit, recharge.
You are powerful and gifted, and good. 
Come if you need to release old guilt trips, explore new beliefs, strengthen your spirit, reclaim your self-confidence, take care of you.   You will gain timeless wisdom of great women before you; tap secrets and strength and gifts you have within; confidently choose any sacred path you desire;  Clarify who you are and what you want.  
The feminine spirit is grace and beauty, compassion, justice, creativity, connection, love; and it is earthy and messy and doesn't always follow rules so well.  Spirituality is all about living...  
Class Topics:
1.  Basic spirituality, nature's way, simplicity and sensibility, distinctions, and elements of soul-satisfying, easy, personal path finding.
2.  Women's spirituality; get to imagine yourself as an everyday goddess, learn about goddesses of history (some hidden in plain sight in books you have been using for a long time), music, images, art, your divine giftedness...and spirit, and inspired courage of those before you.
3.  Making life count--YOUR way.  Integrating who you are, spirit and life, passion and purpose, goals and dreams, career and creativity.  Where and how do you want to make a difference while you're here?   Start with what you know and feel.  This class will take you to the next steps beyond that.  Living soul-fully, in line with who you are and what you care about, energizes, excites, and makes you happy.
4.  Confidence and self-image makeover, from the inside out...and practical stuff for the outside too.  This is where you name what's holding you back--your confidence and self-image sabbateurs--and fix them.  The class will include a starter kit.  The retreat option will have a resource library to use when you're here.  You are in this life to Shine bright, to lead confidently, to add your voice and vision, to do some 'work' you are uniquely equipped for and passionate about.  Strong spirits need support, encouragement, inspiration, and blessing.
5.  Supporting and sustaining the life and beauty of the feminine spirit.  Creating relationships, connecting and collaborating, recognizing what you need to shine...and getting it.
** An expanded retreat option includes at least two private coaching sessions to specifically maximize your benefit from the series.  In real life, we dance between worlds - the personal and the professional, the sacred and the secular; our relationships - kindred spirits and those who don't understand, those who support us and those who don't.  This personal time is specifically about empowering, activating, and energizing YOU--practically and in the ways that honor your soul. 
The expanded retreat option also includes at least seven days and evenings for you to 'retreat' at the Kindred Spirit Center with workspace, wifi, and resource access.  (Pre-arranged days and times will be scheduled on participant needs and center availability.)
YOU are your most valuable asset. This series is about empowering, honoring, celebrating, and maximizing all that you are and bring and came here to do with your life.  Self-discovery is a sacred path.  Life-enjoyment, finding JOY in living, is its purpose.
When we learn to give voice to the visions inside us, we change ourselves as well as our world... Just as clay spinning on the wheel gives the strongest form when it is balanced in the center, we are most powerful when we feel hopeful and confident that our life has value and meaning.

- Rheya Polo
Potter, Writer and Educator

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