Awaken Soul Purpose (February 2009)

The Awaken Soul Purpose workshop is the missing link to the formula of Soul Purpose…For years many of you have heard the idea, concepts and principles behind Soul Purpose, yet a majority of you struggle to clearly articulate what it is, but more importantly how to apply it in your life. During this event you will personally leave with…

  1. 100% Clarity on the What’s & Why’s of Soul Purpose
  2. Clarity on your Top 5 Passions, Values, Gifts & Roles and how they activate Soul Purpose
  3. Powerful Statements to represent your Passions, Values, Gifts & Roles of Soul Purpose
  4. Clarity, and Tangible written Soul Purpose Mission Statement
  5. Finalized Soul Purpose Blue Print™
  6. Finalized Soul Purpose Dream Map™

This truly is a workshop – you will be required to do 5 to 7 hours of home work (Soul Purpose Guide) before attending the workshop, and will bring all of that data with you to the workshop. You will receive instruction both by the moderator of the event and you will work in groups and individually to unlock the Power of Soul Purpose In Your Life.

Name Sales End Price Fee
General Admission Ticket Ended $500 $9.95

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