Meditation/Trance Dance

In the darkness, spinning, forms move to deep, primal drum beats. Feel the drumbeat and heartbeat become one. Feel a connection to others in the room, as well as a connection to everything in the Universe and the All. Moving the body loosens tight muscles and lubricates joints, clears the fog of the day’s worries from the mind, and forms and strengthens a bond with the Divine. Looking for a mind, body, spirit connection? Having a hard time meditating? Trance dancing releases physical tension and stress, clears the mind, and tones the body. Have a stressful day at work, waiting in traffic, with pressure at home? Come dance it off. Move your body. Release pent up pain and tension in unexpected places. Feel tension slough off as the drumming continues to ease the mind and work the body. Need to shed some weight or tone the muscles? Lubricate stiff joints? Come and dance! Looking for a new way to communicate with deity and get in touch with your body’s needs? Need a mini vacation? Come feel the rhythms. Music varies from primal, tribal drumming to techno trance. One form of moving meditation, trance dance provides something for everyone, regardless of age or mobility. Wear whatever is comfortable. Dance in shoes or barefooted. We will discuss the benefits and form of trance dancing before we light the candles, turn off the lights, turn up the music, and tune into our Selves.The class will consist of a quick discussion of what the class entails, followed by 15-20 minutes trance dance, and then a guided meditation. Afterwards, participants will be encouraged to write down their impressions and may choose to discuss the class and provide feedback to guide future classes.

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