Tarot - Structure and Symbolism

Overview Welcome to the New Tarot class. This 5 week course will cover a variety of methods of divination using the Tarot as well as the meanings of the cards from the simple to the symbolic. We will begin with the history of the Tarot and jump right into basic divinatory spreads as we work our way through more classic readings and more advanced spreads and learn more about the cards themselves as we go. Classes will include hands on experiences with actual readings and projects for you to work on by yourself to allow you to hone your personal skills with Tarot. A variety of supplemental materials will be provided to the attendants as well as a wide array of recommended reading to allow you to further your own studies in this ancient and obscure art. I hope you’ll join us.The Teacher Jonathan BarrettI come from simple beginnings out of California and have moved around a lot in my life from town to town and state to state. I have recently come to the Dallas, TX area and was welcomed into the B&B family. I became aware of an additional need for teachers and thought to volunteer my services to my new pagan community. I have a little black & white cat named Thorn and I am currently living and working in North Dallas/Addison. I will be 32 in April, yes that makes me an Aries (you can stop groaning now) but I promise I will be nice. I have been studying the occult for over 15 years, beginning with sketchy books that I could find in obscure sections of the local college library and eventually, then as better information and out of print books came back into circulation, and finally from my initiation through the Mohsian Tradition. I believe that learning is a continuous cycle of discovery and sharing, I have been using and learning from the Tarot for over 7 years now and feel that the time has come to share what I have learned with others.The Schedule 1. Review of personal exercises, a few sample experiences 2. Handling approaches and opinions to divination 3. Four & five card spreads, learning about pattern connections 4. Overview of Cards 3, 4, 5, 18, 19, 20 and the Court Cards 5. Additional notes on journaling and interpreting your own symbols

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