Multiphysics Simulation for MEMS

Length: 3 Days
Price: $1800.00
Prerequisite: Introduction to ANSYS or Introduction to ANSYS for MEMS

The course focuses on coupled physics simulation methods and techniques for common MEMS devices, such as:

·         thermal-electric actuators

·         comb drive resonators

·         micromirrors

·         switches and piezoelectric actuators.

Advanced technical concepts covered include:

·         electrostatics

·         capacitance extration

·         piezoelectrics

·         pre-stress effects

·         initial stress effects

·         damping characterization via CFD simulation

·         thermal-electric coupled simulation

·         coupled electrostatic-structural dynamic simulation including time-harmonic and time-transients

·         substructuring

·         reduced order modeling using coupled transducer elements

·         pull-in and hystersis simulation and more.

Course Topics Include:

·         Geometric Nonlinearities and Initial Stress Contact Analysis for MEMS Applications Pre-Stressed Modal Analysis Beam Cross-Section Modeling

·         Introduction to Electrostatic Analysis Capacitance

·         Hybrid Trefftz-Finite Element Method for Open Domains

·         Electrostatic-Structural Coupling Fundamentals Sequential Method for Electrostatic-Structural Coupling

·         Direct Matrix-Coupled Electrostatic-Structural Methods using the TRANS126 Transducer

·         Pre-Stressed Modal and Pre-Stressed Harmonic Analysis using TRANS126

·         Large-Signal Transient Analysis using TRANS126

·         Reduced Order Macro Modeling for System Simulation of MEMS Devices Introduction to Piezoelectric Analysis

·         Introduction to Current Conduction Analysis Thermal-Electric Coupled-Field Analysis

·         Thermal Stress Analysis

·         Using CFD for Reduced Order Modeling Damping Characterization

·         Units System for MEMS Simulation

Each course chapter is followed by "hands-on" workshops and exercises.

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Three day class Ended $1800