ANSYS Workbench-Simulation Emag

Length: 2 Days
Price: $1200.00
Prerequisite: ANSYS Workbench-Simulation Intro

ANSYS Workbench-Simulation Emag is a 2-day training course that covers how to perform magnetostatic analyses of 3D geometric models using the SOLID117 edge formulated element available in ANSYS. The course covers the supported Electromagnetic features in the ANSYS Workbench - Simulation environment followed by six detailed workshop exercises.

Course Topics Include:

·         Feature Overview

·         Underlying Technology

·         Enclosures

·         Boundary Conditions

·         Modeling Permanent Magnets

·         Modeling Conductors

·         Workshops:

o    Creating Winding Bodies from Line Bodies

o    Electromagnetic Analysis of a 2-Gap Solenoid

o    Winding Editor

o    Armature Gap Sweep

o    Solid Conductor

o    Low Frequency Electromagnetic Analysis of Motors

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Two day class Ended $1200