Member Success Programme

MSP (Member Success Programme)

You will know from your application form that BNI has a policy of asking all members to attend an MST within 6 weeks of joining because we know that it will boost their business. Your chapter is advised to allocate 10-minute slots only to members who have attended the MST: we want all members to make the maximum impact when they are allocated their slot.

We ask this for a reason: a recent study of referrals has shown that those who attend the MST at the first opportunity generate 27% more referrals overall than those who have not attended. We know the motto of BNI is givers gain. The corollary of that is also true: those who give less, receive less.

The MSP also gives you FREE networking with many members throughout the region with the opportunity of doing some business.

May I ask you to ask yourself these questions?

Have I ever stood up - or seen others stand up - in the contribution section and said "no referrals" or "I'm working on a referral for ..." or "I have referrals in the pipeline?"

Do I feel challenged by inviting visitors to my chapter?

How many referrals have I received since joining?

How many referrals have I given since joining?

How do I get the most out of my 1:1 sessions with members?

How should I make the best use of my 10-minute slot?

Many new members feel uncomfortable with their answers to the above, so we run the workshops to help them. BNI training comes as a part of your membership fee and the only cost to you is the breakfast/room hire cost of £7.

This training will be different from others you may have attended. It will be fun, interactive and you will be fired up for the week ahead and for your next chapter meeting

Name Sales End Price Fee
MSP Including food and drink Ended £7 £0.5

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