ANSYS Classic - Advanced Contact & Fasteners

Length: 2 Days
Price: $1200.00
Prerequisite: Basic Structural Nonlinearities
From contact stiffness and friction to surface-to-surface, node-to-node and bolt pretension elements, this two-day course is designed to analyze contact models that cannot be readily solved using default settings.

Course Topics Include:

·         Contact Overview

·         Typical Applications & Contact Classifications

·         Contact Stiffness

·         Basic Concepts & Determining a Value

·         Friction Contact and Auto Timestepping

·         Surface-to-Surface Elements

·         Advanced Options for Special Problems

·         Rigid Surface Considerations

·         Creating without the Contact Wizard & Troubleshooting

·         Node-to-Node Elements

·         Node-to-Surface Elements

·         Bolt Pretension Elements

·         PRETS179 Element and Typical Procedure

Each course chapter is followed by "hands-on" workshops and exercises.


Name Sales End Price
Two day class Ended $1200