Workshop: Resilience Enabled Leadership: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity

Discover what successful corporate leaders are doing to understand and apply Resilience development techniques to benefit their success. 


During the workshop, we will explore -->

  • Resilience development techniques available to leaders in today's turbulent times,
  • how can application of these simple techniques positively impact your success,
  • how can leaders identify the potential for resilience enabled leadership in their organization.

Given the following definitions of resilience (Personal and/or Corporate):

  • “An ability to adjust more easily to a changing environment”
  • “An ability to enhance our capacity for learning and adaptation”
  • “The confidence to know we will handle what may come our way”
  • “The integrated power to persist when things don’t work out” 
  •  “A state of mind that encourages us to continue our development and allow ourselves to enjoy our environment”


AND - Given the following corporate domains of resilience:

·        Image/Profile

·        Operations & Business Processes

·        Corporate Culture

·        Performance/Value/Viability

·        Jobs/Skills/Org Structure

·        Management Systems

·        Enabling Technology


AND - Given the following personal domains of resilience:

·        Relationships

·        Personal Resources

·        Physical Health & Wellness

·        Personal Power

·        Knowledge/(head)

·        Emotional Gateway/(heart)

·        Taking Action/(hands)



Some questions we will explore:


1.      How would you define resilience if differently from the tabled definition?

2.      Given that some aspect of resilience is in everyone, in your opinion, how does your personal resilience play a factor in your contribution to your company’s success?

3.      Given the above definition, and as a leader (within a presumably successful company) what do you see as evidence of resilience in yourself, and in your company, and in your organization’s leaders as key contributors to that success?

4.      On a scale of 1 to 10, how resilient would you say you are;   your company?   Why? 

5.      What do you feel are the key factors that make you more or less resilient within the personal domains of resilience?

6.      What do you think are the key factors that make your company more or less resilient within the corporate domains of resilience?

7.      What connections do you see, if any, between your resilience and that of the company?

8.      Do metrics play a role in your resilience?  If so, what metrics do you use?   If not, what metrics would you consider?  Why?


Participants who come with answers to these questions for their organization will benefit the most.




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