ANSYS Workbench: Simulation - Introduction

ANSYS Workbench - Simulation Introduction is an intuitive up-front simulation tool that is used in conjunction with CAD systems. It verifies product performance early in the concept and in the early design stages of product development.
The use of this tool enhances accelerated product development processes by providing rapid evaluations of multiple design scenarios and reducing the need for multiple designs and testing iterations. ANSYS Workbench - Simulation Introduction provides solutions for structural, thermal, modal, linear buckling, and shape optimization studies.

The training course provides students with the ability to operate ANSYS Workbench - Simulation and the basic understanding of simulation concepts and results interpretation.

Course Topics Include:

•    Introduction
•    Simulation Basics
•    General Preprocessing
•    Static Structural Analysis
•    Free Vibration Analysis
•    Thermal Analysis
•    Linear Buckling Analysis
•    Results Postprocessing
•    CAD & Parameters
•    Asynchronous Solution (Appendix)
•    Fatigue Module (Appendix)
•    Shape Finder (Appendix)

Each course chapter is followed by "hands-on" workshops and exercises.

Name Sales End Price
Three day class Ended $1800