VoIP for Call Takers Part 1: How Traditional Voice Works (Rerun 1)

A complete and thorough understanding of Voice over Internet Protocol by call takers and supervisors requires a complete and thorough understanding of traditional telephone calls and how they work. This one hour program will provide the needed background information for further VoIP training and is strongly recommended even for those who may feel they have a sufficiently strong background in this topic. This web seminar (Webinar) is based upon training fine-tuned over the last five years in dozens of deliveries in four different countries and is delivered by James P. Cavanagh. There will be an opportunity for online questions and answers during the live program.

About the Presenter
Jim Cavanagh is a thirty year veteran of the telephony and networking industry who has been training, consulting and collaborating with public safety, law enforcement and homeland security agencies on Internet Protocol, VoIP and security issues for the past several years. Jim Cavanagh is personally committed to assuring that critical personnel have the latest, deepest and most current knowledge on technical network operations.

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