Cooperation: Can you do MORE with LESS in your Public Safety Agency? (Live)

Do more, do it better and do it faster with less: less money, less staff and less time.  Police, Sheriffs, Fire Departments, EMS and PSAPs all face these same challenges. In the search for answers many agencies find that a cooperative, even collaborative, approach can help solve many problems. Whether you call it a consortium, partnership, contract, family or team, there is strength in cooperation. The time to build the cooperative relationships is before there is a perception of need. Join the Law Enforcement And Public Safety (LEAPS) Channel at 6:00 pm EST on Tuesday, February 17, 2009 with reruns on February 18 and 19 for this one hour web Seminar (Webinar) and learn why cooperation needs to be a part of your long range strategy for doing more with less, how to measure the impact and build the relationships you need to bring lasting value to all parties.  Your presenter for this webinar is Al Blencoe, a 25 year veteran of Public Safety Communications and Emergency Services in La Crosse County, WI.  Join Al to learn how to take the steps needed to assure the future of your agency.  There will be an opportunity for online questions and answers during the live program.

About the Presenter
Alan L. Blencoe, ENP is a life long resident of Wisconsin, a member of the Wisconsin Chapters of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and Association of Public Safety Communications Officers (APCO).  Al has served several years on the Executive Committee of Wisconsin NENA and as Conference Chairperson for both organizations and on various committees.  Because of his belief in networking and cooperative efforts, Al has been invited to participate on projects ranging from the Wisconsin Land Information Association (WLIA) strategic Plan for GIS in Wisconsin to Wisconsin's Department of Transportation Traffic Records Coordinating Committee. (TRCC)  Over the years, Al has taught classes and provided sessions for local, regional and national audiences ranging from Police in-service training to regional and national conferences including the International Chiefs of Police - National Information Exchange Model (IACP-NIEM) conference.