Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (Live)

Commercial sexual exploitation of children has been a reality for a very long time but increasingly is becoming a global problem. Hundreds of thousands of children are being stripped of their childhood innocence through rape, molestation, and other degrading and life-threatening forms of abuse each year, often for the sole purpose of the production and sale of internet-based child pornography.

These crimes transcend gender, age, race, and continents wreaking physical abuse and trauma, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, and the total annihilation of self-worth and confidence almost certainly guaranteeing the victims a life-long battle with emotional and behavioral problems as well as a significantly increased risk of chemical dependency and abuse.
Thirty million children use the Internet every day. On average 70% of Internet access occurs in the victim's home, 22% occurs at a friend's home and the balance occurs at public terminals, at school, in libraries and elsewhere. Law enforcement estimates that of those thirty million children, 1 in 4 (7.5 million) are exposed to unwanted/unsolicited sexually explicit pictures, 1 in 5 (6 million) receive sexual solicitation or are approached, 1 in 17 (1.75 million) are threatened or harassed and 1 in 33 (900,000) receive an aggressive sexual solicitation. Of the total, 65% of these unwanted and unsolicited encounters occurred in chat rooms such as MySpace, Facebook and Xanga and 24% occurred via instant messaging such as AOL, Yahoo and MSN.

Unmonitored, the Internet can change from a highly valuable educational and research tool into a vehicle allowing predators into the homes and minds of children. The victims we see are emblematic of the much larger problem; use of the Internet to perpetrate the sale and distribution of child pornography. The anonymity afforded by a keyboard, technological complexities shrouding the location of suspects, and legal and enforcement limitations when dealing with other jurisdictions significantly hamper apprehension and prosecution.

All parents, teachers, school counselors, law enforcement and public safety personnel should be aware of the issues, signs and symptoms of this serious problem. Join the Law Enforcement And Public Safety channel and presenter Robert Morris on Tuesday, February 10th (with reruns on Wednesday, February 11th and Thursday, February 12th) for a one hour web seminar (webinar) briefing on the subject of commercial sexual exploitation of children. This one hour webinar will use actual case studies to explore the disturbing realities of this globe-spanning crisis. Participants will be lead through the complex maze from the sexual predator's keyboard to the screens and keyboards of their victims and will peer into the bizarre world of child exploitation. Specifically, webinar participants will learn about various hardware and software technologies used by predators to contact their victims. In addition, prevention and tracking tools, key loggers, screen names and the various forms of communication methods will be discussed. Most importantly however will be the thought provoking discussions of victimology (statistically who are, and what is the profile, of victims) and what signs to look for to stop the victimization. Available recourses, tools, and safety tips will also be identified. There will be an opportunity for online questions and answers during the live program.

About the Presenter
Our presenter, Bob Morris, on one hand is an experienced investigator with a refined and technical investigative skill set in online enticement of children; on the other hand he is sympathetic to the annihilation of self-esteem of the victims and is emotionally invested in mitigating the risks thereby reducing the numbers of potential victims. Candidly, Bob admits sexual exploitation of children on the Internet, or anywhere else, will never be completely eradicated; but he is personally committed to doing what he can to reduce the problem through educating parents, teachers, and law enforcement & public safety personnel. The Commercial Exploitation of Children webinar on the LEAPS channel is only one example of his efforts in educating a broad a range of people.

With more than 33 years experience in law enforcement, public safety, and emergency services Bob Morris delivers a unique perspective on leadership, ethics, and the concepts of “thinking and leading outside the box”. Bob's unwavering commitment to establishing and maintaining high ethical standards is “the” foundation upon which all else is constructed. His history of developing cutting-edge employee selection & retention standards is intricately balanced with his commitment of ensuring his team-members maintain a total since of ownership of, and control in, their professional development and personal growth.

A proven leader, Bob's career is distinguished by promotions to challenging assignments and positions. Currently Bob is part of an international organization where many of his efforts are directed toward the development and standardization of training and education
targeted to an audience of more than one-million public safety professionals in North America. In addition to his vast investigative expertise, for 16 years he led the Training and Education Unit for a state agency and was responsible for the tracking, training, and certification of more than 14,000 criminal justice professionals representing local, county, state, and federal constituencies. Bob has earned a nationwide reputation for excellence and innovation in program design, development, and operation and is frequently called upon for advice by governmental agencies and private organizations alike. For the past 20 years Bob has successfully designed, produced, and orchestrated leadership, emergency services, and public safety training conferences, workshops, and community service oriented projects. Bob's proven methods for acquiring goods, materials, and services to lower tuition costs for critical training, as well as operating expenses for various programs, have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition to his formal education, Bob has achieved Executive Level Police Officer Certification, has more than 4,000 hours of documented law enforcement training, is a graduate of numerous executive leadership courses, and is a certified Intermediate level Emergency Medical Technician. Bob has many years of experience serving both as adjunct faculty as well as a guest lecturer at many colleges and Universities. Bob also serves on various professional and community based boards and committees.

An accomplished presenter, past participants describe Bob's style as engaging, entertaining, easy to understand, and charismatic. Proficient at curriculum design and development, he has a reputation for validity, professionalism, clarity, and completeness.

Bob can be reached via email at