Workshop Flex for Enterprise architects (2 days)

This two day workshop will help enterprise architects, development managers and team leaders understand how to run real-world Adobe Flex projects.  Attendees will get an overview of frameworks, tools, utilities and best practices of RIA development with Adobe Flex and Java. This technical event will help you to avoid typical architectural mistakes usually made on first projects with Flex.

Both instructors of this workshop are well known Flex experts and published authors.  Currently they work on the book for O'Reilly called "Enterprise Development with Flex".

Workshop Outline


Adobe Flex Architecture
       AMV2 Architecture
       Flex Framework

Thinking in Flex
       Flex code execution model

Accessing Enterprise Server Tier

       LiveCycle Data Services/Blaze Data Services Architecture
       Flex Communication Protocols

       Flex Messaging:
               Flex Client - Flex Client messaging
               Flex Client - external JMS messaging
               Server Push to Flex Clients

       RPC Services

               Flex Remoting

       DataManagement Services

               Data Synchronization with LCDS
               Data Synchronization with BlazeDS
               DataCollection object

Modularization of Flex enterprise applications

       Flex Libraries
       Flex Modules and sub-applications
       Application Domains and class isolation

Flex Portal Applications
       Using Flex in JSR 168 portals
       Custom client-side Flex portals

Integrating Flex applications with External applications
       Flex - JavaScript
       Flex - Ajax
       Flex – Excel


Staffing Flex projects
 Three groups of Flex developers
 GUI and Component Developers
 Responsibilities of Flex Architects
 Designer-developer workflow

Comparing MVC Architectural Flex Frameworks

Overview of Clear Toolkit by Farata
  Logging with Log2Fx
  Automation of Ant scripts with Fx2Ant
  Automatic generation of ActionScript Data Transfer Objects with DTO2Fx
  Generation of CRUD applications with Clear Data Builder

Design Patterns in Flex

Overview of Adobe AIR and data synchronization using BlazeDS

Troubleshooting AMF

Testing tools
  Unit Testing
  Stress testing
 Functional Testing

Build scripts
  Automation of ANT script creation
  Continuous integration

Flex Developer's Workstation, setting team environment

Flex Component libraries

Minimizing the time of Initial Application loading
  Flex Framework RSL
  Use of the logon  screen via pre-loaders


Dr. Victor Rasputnis spends most of his time providing architectural design, implementation management and mentoring to companies migrating to Flex and J2EE technologies. Victor authored several books and dozens of technical articles. He holds PhD in Computer Science. Recently he co-authored book , "Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java: Secrets of the Masters", and now Victor is working on the O'Reilly book "Enterprise Development with Flex".

Yakov Fain works as Flex and Java architect at Farata Systems, a company that provides Flex and AIR consulting and training services. He authored several Java books, dozens of technical articles. Recently
he co-authored book , "Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex and Java: Secrets of the Masters". Sun Microsystems has nominated and awarded Yakov with the title Java Champion. He leads the Princeton Java Users Group. Yakov is Adobe Certified Flex Instructor. He's a co-author of the upcoming OReilly book "Enterprise Development with Flex"

If you have questions regarding this event, please call us at 1-732-598-4027.

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