Oh, the Humanities!

In Mask and Wig's 121st Annual Production, "Oh, the Humanities!" The Mask and Wig Club takes its patrons back to one of the most inspirational, creative, and reasonable places in history: Florence, Italy during the Renaissance. Michelangelo is the new up-and-coming artist in Florence, while Leonardo Da Vinci is the perennial powerhouse Renaissance man. But Leo's girlfriend Mona Lisa smooches Mike in public, making the front page of the tabloids! Suddenly, Mike is widely successful and Leo has fallen from his perch. However, the political genius Machiavelli, seeing that Da Vinci is down and out, offers his help as an art agent. Almost overnight Da Vinci's paintings are selling for mega-florins again and Mike is just a passing fad. But all is not as it seems. What shifty business is Machiavelli up to? What is Mike up against? Paints, plots, and the classical beauty of our eight-"girl" kickline, all in this year's Mask and Wig masterpiece: "Oh, the Humanities!"


All tickets purchased online will be held at Will Call. Please print your confirmation and bring it with you to the theater. All sales are final - no exchanges or refunds.

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