Create a Master Calendar in SharePoint

Create a Master Calendar in SharePoint is a live, online, hands-on workshop showing how to implement a master calendar solution using out-of-the-box components of SharePoint, (WSS or MOSS). 


Workshop Description
This workshop is a step-by-step creation of a Master Calendar solution in SharePoint. It includes the creation of content types, applying the content types to generate custom views in a master calendar and then exposing those views in team subsites.

All web parts, javascripts and documentation will be provided. Each participant will be given a SharePoint site in which to practice setting up the Master Calendar, including subsites for testing its functionality.


A common problem with SharePoint Calendars is the inability to create a Master Calendar which pulls information from subcalendars into a central location within SharePoint. This is typically needed when groups or teams have individual calendars, but would like to aggregate them into one, master calendar at a company level. It is especially difficult because, by default, web parts in SharePoint do not see across site collections.

In MOSS, the Content Query Web Part (CQWP) can access information across sites, but only exposes the information as a simple 'title' field. In addition, the CQWP visibility is limited to a single site collection. The CQWP is not available in WSS.

A solution to this problem is to turn the paradigm upside down: have a Master Calendar that 'pushes' information out to subcalendars by exposing views based upon content types.

Creating a content type for each subcalendar makes it possible to dynamically generate views based upon those content types. The problem of seeing across sites/site collections is handled by using a LyteBox script embedded within a Content Editor Web Part (CEWP). The LyteBox opens a transparent window on top of a subsite, exposing the filtered Master Calendar. This solution will work in both WSS and MOSS. 

If you need a master calendar solution without dropping the 'big bucks' for a third party web part, this workshop is definitely for you.
Seating is extremely limited. Book your seat today.

The Host of 'Create a Master Calendar in SharePoint'
he host of this workshop is Mark Miller, Founder and Editor of In the past ten years, Mark has traveled throughout North America, Europe and Asia teaching live, in-person workshops at Hewlett-Packard, Charles Schwab, Intuit and Autodesk.

He has been teaching online since 1999 using Centra, Breeze, GoToWebinar and WebEx. 

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"This is an excellent workshop. Mark answered every question and moderated with humor and patience through the usual communication hiccups with an audience that is international (Argentina, Ireland, all over the US)." -- Betsy [SharePoint Dashboards, Online]

"This workshop was absolutely worth the time and money. I learned alot and will be able to easily transfer it to my daily work. I can’t wait to impress my coworkers." -- Tammy [SharePoint Dashboards, Online]

"Don’t waste anymore time reading this to check out if it was worth it - stop reading and book your session!" Mick Brown [SharePoint Dashboards, Online]

"This was one of the best training sessions I have attended. It delivered a lot of powerful information yet was simple to follow and participate in. I can’t wait for the next class!" -- Heidi [The Fundamentals of SharePoint Lists and Libraries, Online]

"...very professional work. The workshop format with the hands-on lab made the 3 hour webconferencing event a valuable experience for me." -- Urs [The Fundamentals of SharePoint Lists and Libraries, Online]

"What I got out of it the most was by far the use of Task Lists, that was exceptional ! I had no idea that they could be that useful. I’m planning on importing many of my spreadsheets into the site, including our business plan." -- Erik [The Fundamentals of SharePoint Lists and Libraries, Online] 

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