The Learning Series -- Notes

The Note Professor Workshop

The ABCs of Owner Financing

Featuring: Tom Henderson

If you are serious about real estate or any investments, you must know how to use a financial calculator, and understand the time value of money.

You will need to bring a financial calculator. Tom will be using an HP10BII because of its simplicity and cost. (Less than $30) Please bring an HP10BII or be familiar with the calculator you bring. There are several different brands and models, and we will not have time to go over each and every calculator on the market. Be sure it is a financial calculator.

Session: 1

  1. Introduction to the Calculator (So Easy a Caveman Can Do It)
    1. Learning the Keys and What They Represent (A MUST for the Serious Investor)
      1. Definitions of the financial variables (and where to find them on your calculator)
      2. How Variables Relate to Each Other (How to Make a Killing Knowing This)
    2. How to Instantly Determine Payments of a loan
    3. How to Instantly Determine the Balance of A Note
    4. How to Determine the Amount of a Balloon
    5. How to Determine Yields (This Alone Can Make you a Fortune)
      1. Tricks of credit card companies (How to Make a Note Last Forever)
      2. Tricks of retailers
  2. Discounting Different Cash Flows
    1. Definitions of Financial Terms
    2. Discounting Cash Flows for Astronomical Yields
      1. Real World Applications to Get Obscene Yields (And it is Legal)
      2. Receive High Yields on Notes You Are Paying On

Session: 2

  1. Review
  2. Everyday applications of the time value of money
    1. Discounting notes
    2. Increasing yields
    3. How to Structure A Note to Get Maximum Value
      1. How Notes are valued (The 3 P’s)
      2. Documents you must have (Whether selling a note or not)
      3. What is mortgagee insurance, and why you need it
  3. Selling and Buying Notes
    1. Secrets (that Note Buyers Do Not Want You to Know)
    2. Investment Tricks proven to Increase Your Wealth
    3. Selling Part of Your Note (Advantages and Disadvantages)
    4. How to obtain Free Notes for Your Retirement

Session: 3

  1. Putting it all together
    1. Nothing Down Techniques using Notes
    2. How to Structure Notes (This can make or break a deal)
      1. Why terms can be more important than price (Don’t get stuck on price)
      2. How to Make a Note Worthless (to everybody but you)
      3. Share the wealth…another nothing down deal
      4. Zero Coupon Bonds
      5. Contract clauses that can make you rich (or get you trapped)
      6. Wraps (collecting interest on other people’s money)
      7. Options using notes (make a killing)
    3. Mistakes to avoid
    4. Taking back a second lien (Do’s and Don’ts) This knowledge alone is worth the price of the course.
    5. Question and answers

After completing this workshop, you will be heads and shoulders above the “wanna be investor”. You will be able to put deals together, that others would have passed by. This means money in your pocket.

Register early to receive your manual prior to class.

  • Wednesday, March 15
  • Wednesday, March 22
  • Wednesday, March 29
  • 7:00PM to 9:00PM

Name Sales End Price
Early Bird (Members Only) -- Ends March 13 Ended $149
Early Bird (Second Member) -- Ends March 13 Ended $99
Member Ended $179
Second Member Ended $129
Non-Member () Ended $199

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