The Game has Changed--Do you know the Rules?

The Game Has Changed; Do You Know the Rules?

The Five Agreements that Create Conformity in a Nonconforming Environment


There is a constant, evolutionary change in motion in our economy. The recent economic events of this past year demonstrate that these changes, while potentially unavoidable, are often unpredictable.  As businesses strive to chart a reliable and steady course to sustainable growth, the continuous influences of change require them to be innovative, adaptive, and agile.  How a business learns to maintain its core values while being flexible and nimble defines its ability to be a sustainable enterprise. 


The key components to building and maintaining a sustainable enterprise in the face of constant evolutionary change are:


  • Effectively engaging the customer and enhancing the customer experience
  • Proactively enrolling the participation of all stakeholders in the strategic and implementation process
  • Establishing an organizational culture that is single mindedly focused on one goal, one result
  • Developing a leadership environment that motivate, nurtures and promotes
  • Leveraging the online tools to collaborate, connect, and communicate effectively


Business is about change.  Understanding how to manage that change and accept that change is the key to sustainability.  Creating a culture that builds leadership, values relationships, and embraces a single- minded purpose is how a business weathers the storm and adapts in the face of adversity. 


This program is NOT designed to make participants comfortable!  In this environment, challenging the rules and avoiding the traditional is what it takes to make and build a vibrant enterprise.  Participants go on a hard ride.  In the end, they walk away with a fresh and challenging perspective and, the ability to take action. 


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