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Thursdays, February 16 & 23
2 full days separated by 1 week
9 am - 4:30 pm
Chilliwack, BC

How to win at the live success and achievement game!

Can you imagine ... playing an especially complicated game while having only a vague understanding of the rules? Can you picture the frustration associated with repeatedly doing the best you know how and still not getting the results you want ... at times even being penalized?

Unfortunately, that's exactly what far too many people today are experiencing in life ... but YOU don’t have to.

The game of life success and achievement may seem complicated, but the rules actually aren't. The problem is that few have even heard of them, let alone come to understand them ... is this true for you? Doesn't it only make sense then to become aware of what they are and learn how to have them work FOR you instead of against you?

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COUPLES ENROLLMENT - $599 - (Before Feb. 13)

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