Off Camber M/C "Kilauea Crusher Desert Scrambles"

The Off Camber Motorcycle Club is proud to announce: January 29th, 2006, at Mile Marker 11 (not 11.5). The Off Camber M/C's "Kilauea Crusher Desert Scrambles." 11 mile loops, 3 loops, total of 33 miles! This is the first round of the 2006 AMRA race series. And what a way to kick off the season!The C's start first, do three laps and finish. Then the A's and B's do their three laps. The A/B loop has a couple of different sections that are more challenging but still the same mileage. You will not be disappointed as this has naturally technical terrain. Tech will be open later and the first race will start later, times to be announced. More to come with the flyer and mail-in registration form coming soon! Get ready for the 2006 season! DISCLAIMER: The event is named after Bill Nichols' business, with that name being entirely the club's idea as a way to honor all that Bill has done for racers, present and past. It is in no way an attempt by Mr. Nichols of self-promotion, but a way of linking the staging location to the event. And besides, we liked the sound of it!

Name Sales End Price
Pre-Entry Fee Ended $45
2006 Competition Card Ended $10
AA Entry Fee Ended $80
Transponder Ended $15

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