Hear by Right, Your Questions Answered, London 13/01/09

Do you have any questions about using Hear by Right? Then come along to our “Hear by Right – Your Questions Answered” session and have your Hear by Right questions answered by other colleagues using the Hear by Right standards and Harry Wade or Jake Manning from The NYA. 

  • Free and taking place across England
  • Aimed at anyone with some knowledge of Hear by Right (if you know what Hear by Right is, you know enough to come to a session).
  • A great opportunity to network and discover how to access other local Hear by Right and participation support (such as your local Participation Works Network).

 Here is what some previous attendees have said: 

“Gave me lots of advice on where to start for my particular organisation”

“I have already embarked on a map and plan and this helped to consolidate my thinking”

“Excellent – I now have the ability to make it relevant to each service provider and young people” (Delegate from Children’s Services Department)

“Great event! Very useful, good contacts and relevant info”

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. For further information, please contact Jake Manning on 0116 2427443 / jakem@nya.org.uk or Harry Wade on 0116 2427405 / harryw@nya.org.uk

For more information about Hear by Right visit

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