Staying Positive in Job Loss (Support Series)

Staying Positive - Job Loss Transition Wellness Series

A 6-week wellness series of classes and coaching, providing a practical toolkit for emotional and social well-being in job loss.  


Focus: positive transitional support and skill building; practical information; classes and coaching; a whole-person wellbeing approach.  A course for the personal and professional sides of success.


Series Dates:

Fridays - Jan 2, Jan 9, Jan 16, Jan 23, Jan 30

Fridays - Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 20, Feb 27

Fridays - Mar 6, Mar 13, Mar 20, Mar 27


* Goals and Dreams class offered 1st Saturday Mornings

Saturdays - Feb 7, Mar 7



  • Classes / Coaching Groups
    • Opportunity knocks - Staying Positive in Job Loss
      • Crisis involves both new challenges and new opportunity.  This class focus is the opportunity side, plus practical creative ways to address the challenges positively and proactively.
    • Goals and Dreams - Personal Action Plans and Follow-through
      • Career and personal wellness goal-setting, personal action plans, and follow-through success strategies.  Assess where you are and identify easy things you can add or remove to feel better, more connected, more confident, better about you and right now.   Learn how to create a simple action plan, build in your follow-through components, and how to make it something you look forward to.
    • Environments of Support
      • Self-care--emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually.  Environments include people we spend our time with, what we read and listen to, the words we use, the spaces we occupy.  In this wellness class, you'll learn about healthy boundaries, energizers and energy drainers, who and what is helpful to your wellbeing, and how to design more of that into your days.
    • Goal Partners
      • Another way to help you help yourself, to set you up for success on the follow-through; to make moving forward positive, more enjoyable, more collaborative and creative; and to add a little element of a boot-in-the-butt when you need it.  Sense of humor required.  Learn about goal partners, how to work with one and be one, and how to choose one. 
    • Help From the Hiring Desk
      • Applications, resumes, and interviewing; habits that will help you advance and ones that will hold you back.  Turn fear factors, hesitations, and confidence crashers into confidence-building opportunies and attitudes.
  • Individual coach sessions
    • Bi-weekly
      • Personalized, individual support, situational coaching, counseling, consulting sessions.  Focus is transition support, and building sustainable self-sufficiency and support systems to move forward with better self-care and career tools


Program Length:

  • 6 Weeks
    • 5 weekly classes / coaching groups
    • 3 bi-weekly personal coaching sessions


  • Life-long personal wellness perspective
    • Practical tools, information, and resources
    • Positive, proactive, holistic, wellbeing focus
    • Save on health care.  Better self-care, personal wellness coaches, and other complimentary and alternative support are cost-affective, provide sustainable wellbeing to the participant, and the side-affects are much more pleasant.
  • Transition support program to build sustainable skills and support systems.

Single Session Option:

  • The first class, Opportunity Knocks-Staying Positive in Job Loss, is excellent on its own, even if you're not ready for the rest of the series just yet.
  • Also available for groups by request.

Questions?  Please ask.


Set yourself up for success. 


Name Price
Staying Positive in Job Loss   $12
Classes Only   $135
Full Program   $225
HUS Associate Free

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