What Every Realtor Should Know About A Landlord's Rights And Obligations ** (6 RECO CREDITS) **

A major part of a realtor's duty to their investor clients is ensuring they are informed on Ontario law.It ensures both realtor and landlord avoid problems with tenants and landlord/tenant law.

Learn exactly what your investor and landlord clientele's rights and obligations are within the recently introduced Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) by taking this RECO approved full day course worth 6 MCE credit hours.

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What Every Realtor Should Know About A Landlord's Rights ...

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What Every Realtor Should Know About A Landlord's Rights ...

... Landlord Tenant Matters presents What Every Realtor Should Know ... landlord clientele’s rights and obligations ... RECO approved full day course worth 6 ...


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Posts Tagged ‘tenants from hell ... “A Landlord’s Rights & Obligations in Ontario, ... He figured his realtor had found him the ideal tenant when she arrived in ...


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... they takes regulation of the industry so seriously that we count past Presidents of the Real Estate Council of Ontario ... in real estate. A realtor ... know RECO ...


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Some landlords get greedy or frustrated with a tough market and accept the first potential renter they come across, but those who know what they’re doing make careful choices. Smart On Money lists qualities that the best tenants share: * They’re not ...

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She’d moved to Mount Vernon Plaza in April 2013, after her previous landlord ... U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, one-third of all rental apartments constructed between 1987 and 2006 took advantage of these tax credits.

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Experts Say History is a Guide to Government Shutdown

“Our personal view is the US Treasury will not default on treasury obligations. Once they get to that point there's enough revenue coming in to cover debt service on treasuries. But not enough to pay everything the government owes.” And when the ...

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Student Loans: a bubble waiting to burst

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Still No Justification for the Mortgage Interest Deduction

What the deduction has done is nothing to feel good about. A study cited in a Brandeis University paper reckons the deduction keeps home prices about 10% higher than they otherwise would be. The National Association of Realtors, a fierce proponent of …

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Sorry, Guys, But Mortgage Subsidies Aren't the Answer in Southern Dallas

Did you know that? Shawn Williams is very careful in saying what I ... and to the ongoing effort by older black leaders to stir up some kind of back-to-the-Civil Rights-Movement support for the embattled leaders in the churches. "Protest and prayer vigils ...

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Osborne shocks with shares-for-rights contract

Chancellor George Osborne has announced workers will be able to forfeit some of their employee rights in exchange for shares in the companies they work for. The shares would be exempt from capital gains tax, Osborne said in his Conservative party ...

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Nearly impossible to rent in Napa

I have to move because my landlord defaulted on his mortgage and I can’t take ... refundable $30 to $50 credit check fee that will cause your credit score to go down every time they run it. That means a $1,500 unit requires $4,500 per month in net ...

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Campfield puts off welfare-student grades bill vote until next week

Rep. Gloria Johnson, D-Knoxville, a teacher, said some children could even face physical threats. “I know it will be putting some of my kids in danger if their grades go down (and benefit checks go down because of it),” she said. Similar concerns were ...

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With Kathleen Vinehout exit, Mary Burke faces new $912 million challenge

“That’s the fundamental requirement of every challenger.” Burke campaign spokesman Joe ... Burke said in a statement: “I know that Kathleen will continue to play a leading role in the ongoing conversation about the direction of our great state ...

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