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NLP Practitioner Training, 3-Day Accreditation

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This is a 3-day course that builds on the skills gained in the NLP Foundation and NLP Practitioner Basics courses and enables you to integrate your new skills so you can internalise them and apply them effectively as a whole. Upon successful completion of this course, you値l become an accredited NLP practitioner.*

The certification process is an empowering and fun experience that also requires a high level of commitment and interest to reach for heightened human excellence.

Your course facilitator, Michael Beale, will bring you the best of UK and US NLP training. Michael is a Richard Bandler certified trainer of NLP, and a John Grinder accredited NLP coach. You'll also work with a few highly trained co-trainers, which will give you the benefit of multiple perspectives on NLP.

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Course Objectives

The course will enable you to further strengthen and integrate all of the NLP attitudes, methodologies and techniques that you have learned in the Foundation and Basics courses. It will also give you the opportunity to become an accredited NLP practitioner.

During the course you will:

  • Experience and demonstrate the attitudes and full capabilities of NLP methodologies and techniques

  • Share your experience of finding out how successful people act

  • Experience using NLP techniques to help others solve their problems and reach their objectives

  • Discover that you have the ability to apply new techniques with ease

  • Take your attitude and internal state to new levels for greater success and personal satisfaction through the application of NLP

Course Content

The course covers the following topics:

  • Modelling Exercise Results - sharing the results from a number of delegates' practice projects

  • Advanced Sub-Modalities - learning to change your experience by changing the way your senses perceive the experience. This technique may be used for many different applications

  • Advanced Story-Telling - getting any message across effectively

  • Meta-Mirror - understanding challenging relationships and how to improve them

  • Fast Phobia cure - curing phobias through NLP techniques

  • Visual Squash - solving internal conflicts and dilemmas, and moving forward

  • 6 Step Re-framing - exploring unconscious signals, and changing beliefs and habits

  • Putting It All Together - a day of supervised coaching, enabling you to integrate of all the skills and techniques you have learned, so you can successfully apply them

Business Benefits

The mastery of NLP attitudes, methodologies and techniques achieved through this course will give you an invigorating outlook and new confidence in what you can accomplish at work. You値l work comfortably and effectively with others, enjoy higher levels of productivity and creativity, and embrace new challenges.

Personal Benefits

Successfully completing this course, and integrating NLP into your life will have a profound effect on your personal life. You will have discovered new choices that will help you to be more effective and gain more satisfaction in the areas of your life that are the most important to you, such as relationships with family and friends, dealing with difficult people, and pursuing life-long dreams.

Learning Style

This course is designed for people who have successfully completed the Foundation and Basics courses, and are committed to becoming proficient in the application of NLP approaches. The course provides a safe environment for you to continue to explore the application of NLP, and to integrate your skills through practice and simulations. The course requires you to fully commit your attention and energies; those who aren稚 able to commit their attention will limit their own potential with NLP, and hinder the growth of other participants.


*Achieving NLP Practitioner Certification

To achieve certification you need to complete the NLP Foundation, NLP practitioner basics and NLP practitioner accreditation modules together with a modelling project. In addition you need to complete a practitioner license application form.

Certification is awarded to those who show behavioural mastery of the NLP skill set at the completion of the NLP Practitioner Accreditation Course. The responsibility for reaching mastery is based on an agreement between the course facilitators and the students, to always do their absolute best, and then go a little further! The trainers role is to guide people into mastery of NLP through an accelerated and experiential learning process, but please be aware that while certification is not difficult it is not automatic.


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Public courses are held at the modern and purpose-built Accenture training and conference centre in Milton Keynes. Inter-company courses by agreement.

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