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NLP Practitioner Training, 3-Day NLP Practitioner Basics

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This three-day course builds on the NLP Foundation Course, and takes you a step closer to becoming a certified NLP practitioner.

Your course facilitator, Michael Beale, will bring you the best of UK and US NLP training. Michael is a Richard Bandler certified and a John Grinder accredited NLP coach. You'll also work with a few highly qualified co-trainers, which will give you the benefit of multiple perspectives of NLP.

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Course Objectives

This course will enable you to strengthen the communication and goal-setting skills that you learned in the Foundation course. You will further develop abilities in three core competencies that are key to realising your full potential: working together, releasing potential, and seizing opportunity.

During the course, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the attitudes and methodologies of NLP and further experience the effectiveness of NLP techniques

  • Improve your questioning and listening skills

  • Refine your presentation skills

  • Improve your problem solving skills

  • Increase your ability to handle 'difficult' people

  • Learn how to pattern excellent performers

Course Content

The course covers the following topics:

  • A review of the skills taught in the Foundation course, with further explanation and practice to improve the application of these skills

  • Eye accessing cues - understanding people’s thinking styles by interpreting their posture, voice, and eye movements

  • Meta - programmes - gaining insight into people's personalities by listening to the words they use

  • Values identification - using several methods to uncover people’s values

  • Strategies identification - learning what questions to ask to determine people's strategies for making decisions, making purchases and dealing with problems

  • Logical levels - using a structured approach for problem solving

  • Modelling skills - a methodology for finding out how successful people act and then patterning your behaviour

  • Story-Telling skills - influencing people by bypassing their current thinking patterns

  • Hypnotic and influence language Skills – using vague language precisely

Business Benefits

The enhanced communication and goal-setting skills gained through this course will enable you to be more effective when working one-on-one with colleagues or teams of people. Your productivity and creativity will also rise. As a result of these changes in attitude and behaviour, you’ll also discover that you’re gaining more satisfaction from your job.

Personal Benefits

NLP is about increasing personal choice. This course will give you the opportunity to explore additional choices that may be effective for you. Refining the skills gained during the Foundation and Basic courses will enable you to develop stronger and more satisfying interpersonal relationships, increase creativity, and improve your ability to achieve your objectives through more effective goal-setting and time management skills.

Learning Styles

This course is designed for people who genuinely want to improve what they do. It provides a safe environment for people to open their minds to explore new approaches and try new techniques, and discover what works for them and what doesn’t. Anyone who brings this attitude to the course will both learn and have fun.


Interested in Becoming a Certified Practitioner?

The NLP Training Basics course is the second of three modules that must be successfully completed in order to attain certification as a practitioner. You can take one module at a time, demonstrating its value before moving on to the next module. The module that follows the Basics course is theNLP Practitioner Accreditation course.

NLP Practitioner Certification requires behavioural mastery of all the skills taught in the three modules. The certification process is an empowering experience that requires a commitment to reaching for heightened human excellence.

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Public courses are held at the modern and purpose-built Accenture training and conference centre in Milton Keynes. Inter-company courses by agreement.

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NLP Basics (part 2 of practitioner) (£ 699)

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