R.A. Blues Workshop with Mihai: Left-Brain, Right-Brain

Optional Fun Homework

Please complete the following left/right brain online quiz before coming to this workshop.


Workshop Schedule

3-4:  Left-Brain Blues 1
4-5:  Right-Brain Blues 1

6-7:  Left-Brain Blues 2
7-8:  Right-Brain Blues 2

8-11:  Dance (DJ Mihai)


Class Descriptions

Left Brain Blues 1: Body Mechanics

This technique class will give a detailed, logical prescription of what muscles to use and what muscles to not use.  The goal is to dance with good balance, an engaged core and relaxed limbs.  Another way of looking at this class is that it will remove the physical obstacles to great dancing to make room for what really matters.  The 'moves' we practice in this class, weight shifts and steps, are the essence of blues dancing.

Right Brain Blues 1: Why We Dance

Without technique, you can never be a good dancer — but without inspiration, you can never be a great one.  In this class, we will give technique its due and explore the doors it can open into creativity.  While in the last class we removed obstacles, in this class we will build a vision for what is possible when we encourage our artistic side.  We will use improv games to set a non-judgmental mood, then focus on dancing with presence and attitude.

Left Brain Blues 2:  Vocabulary, Receptivity and Contrast

Back on the technique side of things, we will focus on the 'what' and 'how' of blues dancing. Leaders will learn a handful of simple moves and practice different ways of sequencing them, i.e. how to make up their own choreography on the fly.  Followers will learn how to be receptive to their leaders (through balance, relaxation, matched height and matched intensity) while also introducing their own ideas without upsetting their partner.  Leaders and followers will both play around with adding different textures to their movement: sharp/smooth, big/small, etc.

Right Brain Blues 2:   Musicality and Partnered Play

There is a Dance Nirvana, and this class seeks it.  The idea is to, once again, explore what is possible when our creativity is unleashed from technical limitations and amplified with great partnering, musicality and confidence.  Dance Nirvana has often been described as a three-way love affair between lead, follow and song, so we will start with some exercises that encourage this and follow wherever that may take us.  All along, we will point out where technical skill is required and explore the specific ways in which that skill supports our ultimate dance goals.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Pre-Registered Workshop + Dance (Tickets 1-20) Ended $40 $1.59
Drop-In Workshop + Dance Ended $50 $
Drop-In Dance Only Ended $10 $
Staff (by invitation only) Ended Free

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