Interzone Inc by William S.Burroughs

Are we living in this world ??? 3/4 of the people lives in poverty. And we making money for the sake of the money itself. Globel Heating (Green House Effect),is not longer a speculatife "theory",but with Tsunami's,Hurricane,s are making the theory ,a Reality,And Yet...'Imagine all the people..'like J.Lennon sang.Ages ago. But be cool and logical (remember ;Supertramp ) And as our "dear" Francis F. said;'The end of times' Liberalism will rull the world for ever and ever ,till the End of Times,or I am the only one in this Solar systeem,who find those times Apocalyptical,ok,lot of extremists think the same,but how more people think it is,the more it becomes real and that scared me to death...But if we can do a wish,it's like believing in santa clause, I would wish that we leave our kids a better world,globel, international,national,regional..a better world than we got from our parents...Shalom,Michael HE Keuppens

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