Assisted Living Course Package

Health & Safety Course Package for the Assisted Living Facility
(required by the State, Initially and Annually)

This package was specifically designed to ensure that the Assisted Living Program staff meets all of the initial and annual training in COMAR regulation. The benefits are the following: all required training in two consecutive days and compliance with the regulation in one training session.

Course Modules:

Fire Safety and Environmental Life Safety (2 hours): Importance of Fire Safety in a comprehensive training program. Fire equipment and fire containment will be demonstrated and discussed. Staff will understand the need for fire safety; human factors in fire safety, emergency and disaster planning, fire hazards, and fire safety devices.

Emergency Disaster Plans (1 hour) : Staff will be trained in emergency preparedness in the event of a disastrous event. Safe and orderly implementation of the plan will be a key element.

Resident Rights (2 hours): Staff members will be trained on how to fulfill their roles as guardians of Residents’ Rights. Clear how-to instructions spell out what staff members must do, and avoid doing, during daily interactions with residents.

First Aid Basics (2 hours): Trains participants to identify and care for victims of illness and sudden injuries. You will learn how to control bleeding, minimize the effects of shock, and care for musculoskeletal injuries and sudden illness due to poisoning and heat and cold related emergencies.

Infection Control and Standard Precautions (2 hours): Healthcare Staff will be educated on Bloodborne Pathogen standards, OSHA’s enforcement procedures and precautions.

Cuing, Coaching and Monitoring (2 hours): This course has been developed for the clients who require assistance with self-administration of medication. It is designed for providers caring for clients who only require assistance with (not administration of) their medication.

Food Safety (2 hours): Staff will learn the cause and prevention of food-borne illnesses, maintenance of sanitary conditions and how to exceed industry and state regulations.

Use of Service Plans (1 hour): Staff will be taught to ensure that all needed services are provided in a manner that supports a residents dignity, privacy and independence. Staff will promote this individualized plan and ensure the principles of resident choice, resident capabilities and independence with out compromising the health or reasonable safety of other residents.

Health & Psychosocial Assisted Living Resident needs (1 hour): The health and psychosocial needs of geriatric residents are unique. Staff will be trained in common diseases and the critical nature of reporting changes to the Assisted Living Manager (ALM) and RN Case Manger/Delegated Nurse. The unique psychosocial needs will be taught to participants.

Resident Assessment Process (1 hour): Participants will be taught the process by which a resident is assessed and admitted to an Assisted Living. From pre-admission, initial assessment, 45 day or 90 day assessments and significant change in conditions staff will learn how a residents clinical and psychosocial needs are identified and a plan of care is established then implemented.

Workshop Information:


"Resident Rights," "Cuing, Coaching & Monitoring," "Use of Service Plans" course modules open to Assisted Living Providers only; All other courses open to Certified Nursing Assistants.

All other course modules open to all other participants

Course Length:
16 hours (Over 2 consecutive days)

Course Schedule:

12/5/05 9:00am - 5:00pm
12/6/05 9:00am - 5:00pm
Materials and lunch included in fee.

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Name Sales End Price
Assisted Living Providers - Individual Ended $250
Assisted Living Providers - Group (must register 4 or more) Ended $225