Give Worlds Hidden Masters three days, and we will show you how to unleash the brilliance within you that can turn any relationship into wealth at your free will.

Building Wealth Through Relationships

Haven't you waited long enough to get results?

Our first weekend seminar: "Building Wealth Through Relationships", is the blue print to drastic improvements. You get the necessary tools and education to unleash true lasting results in your life.

The workshop is lead by Senior Seminar leaders Jeff Slayter and Kane Minkus, both heavily accomplished business and investment leaders.

Participants leave the weekend with extremely crucial tools and techniques to begin achieving their personal & financial goals and living life fully every day. Don't just take our word for it. See for yourself because we will shield the risk for you.

Where else can you get a Mental Power House packed into a workshop that can transform your business now?

You'll Discover All Powerful methods to give you personal change and resources to achieve the results you have been after for years.

We are SO CERTAIN each participant will have access to what they want after the first weekend that we offer a 3 month guarantee of their money back if they see no personal change in their life after the "Building Wealth Through Relationships" seminar.

You may be ready to sign up for our "Building Wealth Through Relationships" course.

MARK YOUR CALANDER NOW and if you have plans cancel them because this is more fun and it will make you money!





Dates: January 23rd - 26th
Location: Sofitel Hotel San Francisco Bay
223 Twin Dolphin Drive. Redwood City, 94065, CA 90802


  1. Friday 8:30am Registration - 10pm (Pacific Time)
    Saturday 9am - 10pm
    Sunday 9am - 10pm
  2. Register for "Building Wealth Through Relationships"
  3. Dress casually and comfortably throughout the weekend. The room can be extremely cool, so please bring a light jacket or sweater. For Sunday the attire is work out, active gear.
  4. Eat a healthy meal to start. You may want to bring a Backpack or bag to hold the workbook you will receive at the event and place your name on all materials.
  5. Bring LOTS of Water:
    Keep hydrated and bring a water bottle which you can refill at the event. There will be places nearby to purchase water. We will not be providing water.
  6. Disclaimer of Profanity: Kane or Jeff may seldom use profanity during the seminar, which is part of the psychology they use in interventions during the event. Please do not take this personally.
  7. Arrive at 8:45 am for check in on Jan 23
  8. Decide to register for the ultimate health food package for lunches on Friday $97 for three mouth watering healthy meals during the lectures.

Day 1 Friday - Redefining Self

Day 1 (9-8PM) Kane, Jeff & Bryan - Self
Introduction to program and belief systems 9-10
Meeting Format (Truth, Listen, Risk, Focus) 10-10:30
Designing a workable game 10:30 -11
Small Group Game Design 11-12
Debrief on Workability 12-1pm
Lunch 1-2pm
Ecology Explained 2-3
Ecology Demo - 3-4pm
Small group break out on ecology 4-5pm
Beliefs & Results Model 5-6pm
Small group break out 6-7pm
Dinner 7-8pm
Bryan Franklin Video - 8:00-8:30pm
Leadership Pyramid 8:30 - 9:30

Day 2 Saturday -Wealth Explosion

Designing your new eco system of Wealth 9-10am
Earnings World & Money Management 10-12
Small Group Break Outs 12 -1
Lunch 1- 2
Knowing versus Doing 2-3
Growing World 3-5
Small Group Break Outs 5-6
Financial Destiny Plan
7-8 Dinner
Masters Video 8-8:30pm
Law Of Attraction 8:30-9:30pm

Day 3 Sunday. - Success through Sustainability

Yoga class - 8-9am
Beliefs of health 9-10
Typical day replacements - 10-11
Digestion Lecture - 11-12
Diets 12 -1
Lunch 1-2
Beliefs about body 2-3
Movement Analysis 3-6
Diner 6-7
Video of Sustainability Master 7-7:30
Detox 7:30-8:30
Wrap up, review add time to register for other courses 8:30-9:30


Here's what we have for you:
How to get spectacular lasting results in the shortest period of time

We transform your relationships into wealth

Building Wealth through Relationships BENEFITS

  • How to have communication that builds an empire
  • How ecology is running your life and might be narrowing your behavioral choices
  • The secrets to revising and updating belief patterns
  • What it takes to elicit specificity for all situations and encounters
  • How you can attract what you want now
  • Updating and revising beliefs of your wealth
  • How to build your net worth in all economies
  • Learn how to earn more
  • The art of growing money consistently
  • How to Protect what assets you do own
  • What you should know about Planning financially
  • How to improve and Revise your health beliefs
  • What everybody ought to know about understanding movement to create leadership (Analysis Session)
  • What your body is revealing before you open your mouth (Movement Analysis Session)
    Congruent movement with the results you are after...
  • Dare to be the ultimate in vitality diet (alkaline, metabolic, pop culture diets, blood type diet)
  • The truth in digestion to live longer and look younger

The Building Wealth Through Relationships is a pre-qualification to the World's Hidden Masters Program

Are you ready to move ahead?

Before we even mention the price of our workshops. lets ensure you understand how smooth this choice really is now.

We promised to shield your risk

So don't forget! If...up to date of registration and 3 months after attending our Building Wealth Through Relationships workshop... and you are not satisfied with it-- for ANY reason-- then we demand you call us and ask for your money back.

And your ticket price will be quickly refunded.

So the bottom line is...

No-Hard-Feelings, No-Hassle Three Full Months Guarantee ON A WORKSHOP.

That's a ...90-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee after our workshop...

No Questions Asked.

The fact that we have such a powerful guarantee shows we are different than most workshops, It not only shows you how much we believe in our product, but how sticky the content is even after the seminar buzz comes off.... It also means you basically get to experience and try out everything in the workshop for FREE, if you choose.

And yes, it's completely a Casino Royale money gamble for Worlds Hidden Masters to do this.

This course is the real McCoy for results and let us prove it to you.

Many times the most talented people are not necessarily the best marketers. How would it be to have these people at your finger tips? People often know the "best marketers" whether that is the best coach, program or system or not. What we have found is that the people that are the best at what they do in the world are often busy, focused on getting better at what they do, or are not sales & marketing people. Therefore, unfortunately, the best stuff often doesn't actually make its way into the main stream.

We have scoured the earth and filled our workshop with everything we know about world-class leadership, Understanding Movement to create leadership. Increase Cash Flow, Growing Money, Asset Protection, and Revising and updating belief patterns in health, self and wealth, (This includes everything we know about the good life!) goes into it... and we have YEARS of case studies, results, and the testimonials to go right along with it!

We make huge claims and love this business so we have to fulfill on our promises and deliver and that means we have to take into consideration our content and intended outcome deeply before offering it to you.

We have made this strong guarantee in our group coaching programs. In our years of training, we have run into very, very few people who decided to return our workshop, and or materials for a refund. Because like we said, our stuff rocks and it gets results.

We don't need to tell you this because you already know the choice is yours.

Attend the weekend and see for yourself! Experience it till you say "I love this stuff"

Bring your life to our course, and experience it!

See, hear, and feel the powerful results you get.

And if you're not a happy camper, simply let us know quickly, for a prompt refund.

It's that clear.

No questions asked.

You do not need to give us any reason for a refund. We come from trust when working with people out of the gate. We know they will do the appropriate thing. We run our business this way.

The price for the "Building Wealth Through Relationships" is almost humiliatingly reasonable.

In fact, we often have to explain why we sell this course for little money.

Our answer is simple: When we started our quest to "raise the flag of success" with money, health, and self at a young age of 19... nothing this ground breaking, and life changing like this was available.

We would have given our left toe for this kind of belief structures around money, self and health... because it would have short cut our learning curve by 10 years or more.

Versus, having to drag our butts in muddy waters for years of trial and error, making every mistake possible, learning our lessons deeply painfully... and moving forward slowly with sometimes little or no results from years and years of work...

The long years of dragging our butts in muddy waters, however, made us spectacular trainers and blood hounds at finding and becoming experts. Because we know how to really get live changing results!

Still, back in the most foggy, struggling days of our lives, we made a promise: If and when we "raised the flag of success"... We would do everything we could to make the rubber meet the road for people with results and bring out the best of the best of what we learned so life didn't have to be such a struggle for others.

And we did "raise it", with fireworks shooting up around our flags. Respect to the 9th power, Money, and cheetah like vitality.

We spun our wheels for years. We know how important results, experts, and fresh content is and we are delighted and thrilled to bring that to the table for you...

And that's why this workshop is so ludicrously reasonable.

You will hands down make your entire investment back in the days and weeks to come after you walk out of our workshop and start to apply what you learned. (Again, our rocking testimonials, and case studies are to here back us up.)

How much will this cost you?

Your price for "building wealth through relationships" is just $1495

And, as a stellar added bonus if you sign up by December 1st 2008,

We are going to throw in a Bonus ticket for a loved one or someone you want to love you, or maybe a friend.

Yes, that is: TWO TICKETS FOR $1495

That means essentially you are getting each ticket for $795 If you sign up before December 1st 2008

You don't even need to know who that other person is for the ticket now. You can assign it up to a week before the seminar.

It's like standing up with the best of the best for results in wealth, self, and health.

Or Call Us at 1-800-610-6134 for any questions you may have?

Name Sales End Price Fee
Early Bird Ended $747.5 $9.95

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Give Worlds Hidden Masters three days, and we will ...

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Give Worlds Hidden Masters three days, and we will show you how to unleash the brilliance within you that can turn any relationship into wealth at your free will.

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