December 6th is SOLD OUT - Piper will be back in May 2009: PiperMethod Level I + Level II Technique Seminars. Purchase here for the 5 hour package of BOTH PiperMethod Levels.

Melina is proud to present her talented sister - co-founder of Daughters of Rhea dance company, 2000 Belly Dancer of the Year, and Creator of the PiperMethod School of Belly Dance. 

Purchase here for the Level I and Level II PiperMethod Technique Workshop package, 5 hours of detailed instruction. You can also purchase your PiperMethod Certification Tests for Levels I + II now, or choose to do so later.

Please note:  registering for the PiperMethod workshop package does not include testing for PiperMethod certification.   Testing appointments for PiperMethod Certification must be booked in advance -- appointments are for December 6 and 7th and through Melina: 781 588 3628.

Testing for PiperMethod Certification lasts 30 minutes per level and costs $100 per level.
Testing for PiperMethod Certification includes 10 paged hand-out of priceless, personalized detailed feedback whether you qualify for certification or not.

Workshop participation and testing does not guarantee certification.  

Testing appointments for PiperMethod Certification will take place on December 6 and 7 MUST be booked in advance through Melina: call 781 588 3628. If you do not pay online now, payment for testing must be sent in by check or in person by cash within 2 days of making your appointment.



The PiperMethod™ is a comprehensive, structured, and detailed belly dance training curriculum, developed using the systematic organization of science education, and based on Piper’s two decades of experience teaching dance. 

In the PiperMethod
, each complex movement is broken down into its component parts so that beginners can start perfecting professional dance techniques from the very first class. Each level encorporates and builds on the previous level, so that basic steps become self-expression through dance. Each exercise and drill is designed to improve specific dance abilities through control, strengh, coordination, and isolation. 
Choreography teaches smooth transitions, music interpretation, stage utilization, and dynamic presentation. In this way, dance built on a foundation of exercise and technique, blossoms into ability, grace, and talent.


There are many more details about the PiperMethod of Belly Dance on Piper's website, Visit her site and click on "Piper Method" in the left side bar.


"Dear Piper, I would like to thank you for the wonderful learning experiences that your classes are for me. There is nothing that I enjoy more than going to your classes. As banal as it sounds, but it changed my life. I started taking classes just to learn some moves and to feel more confident to dance in public, but it turned out to be much more than just that. I feel free, strong, and I am learning some much about the dance, the culture, and about myself. I never liked dancing before and now it is so important to me that I cannot imagine ever giving up my bellydance classes. I look forward every class and every chance I get to practice at home. I have taken classes with 4 teachers, and, without a doubt, you are the best. You motivate me so much. And not by just being an awesome instructor, but also by being a great example of a woman that can do anything and everything: smart, beautiful, successful, and strong. It is so easy to slip up and doubt yourself and give up. But when I think about what you have accomplished in your life - I try harder; because when I see that you can balance being the bellydancer of the year, a wonderful instructor, a mother, and a PhD, I believe that anything is possible. And that's why I try harder and push myself and hope to achieve what you have been able to achieve one day. Looking forward practicing those body rolls and shimmies again on Monday!" Natalya

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