Unleash Your Inner Marketer

More clients – less stress – isn’t that what we all want?

 So what exactly do you need to do attract more clients and feel at ease at the same time?   

Attracting clients to you is all about putting yourself in your client’s shoes, believing in yourself so that your message is compelling and having a plan that makes sense and motivates you. What you need is a coordinated Inner and Outer Plan. You need to:  

  1. Implement a DAILY Plan that makes attracting clients easy.   
    1. Focus your energy
    2. Call on your untapped genius (qualities)
    3. Reprogram beliefs that get in the way
    4. Rehearse; to create the day you want
  2. Create a marketing roadmap
    1. Fuel business with your vision
    2. Construct your ideal client profile
    3. Craft your unique marketing message
    4. Discover your best client attraction environments
    5. Deliver your message with confidence
    6. Become a master of enrolling
  3. Sail through roadblocks
    1. Implement practices that lead to ease in problem solving
    2. Learn to practice peace of mind  

These are the steps of the Unleash Your Inner Marketer teleclass which I’ve created to help independent professionals feel at ease attracting all the clients they need.  Clients who have followed all of these steps have increased their sales up to 300% AND had more fun doing it. 

That sounds great but when do I start to see results and how hard is it?  By dedicating a few minutes each morning to the daily plan you will begin to see results within the first week and you won’t want to stop.  Using my process to create your marketing roadmap you will notice how confident and targeted you are when talking about your business, even before the class is over.  . 

Does it workyes 

This comprehensive marketing plan is unique in that it addresses both the inner thinking and outer actions.  You will begin to see results immediately.  The extent to which you grow your business is determined by how dedicated you are in the daily and weekly implementation.  Growing a business does take time, but having a method that is repeatable and works is freeing.  Most clients can cover their investment cost with just one new client and that doesn’t even take into affect the new confidence they feel. 

Who is this class designed for?  This class is designed for the entrepreneur that is committed to having their business be successful.  Wishful thinking is not enough, it must be coupled with changed thinking and action.  The people that are successful with my systems are those that are committed to implementing the “daily inner plan" and  committed to getting out and using their new marketing messages.   

A little about me. You can go to my bio for the whole story but here’s the short form.  I spent 25 years in corporate America as a very successful sales person for high end computer hardware, software and services.  Prior to that I had short stints in a wide variety of businesses from construction to book editing.  I got very good at the art of selling as well as the art of developing sales and marketing plans.   

What I didn’t learn was how to create success without worry and stress.  I took work problems home with me and was never fully present.  Then one January my husband of six years was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and died six months later, leaving me with a 6 month old and a 3 year old to raise by myself.  I regretted not having enjoyed my time with him more and vowed to find a better way. 

Over the next decade I discovered a wide range of tools and techniques to experience peace of mind while also attracting clients. I have taken everything I learned from the business development world and from  the “inner mindset” world and incorporated them into simple systems that can help others achieve both results and peace of mind.  This is what I bring to you.   

To read more from other clients who have worked with me click here. 

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