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Ethnic Miao men fire their guns during a farewell …

Desi Anwar: The People’s Party Personally, I think the goodwill and energy directed toward Jokowi by ordinary Indonesi... Sports. Athletics29; Badminton202;

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The A to Z of the Umno General Assembly 2014

K: Keris. Like the Sikhs’ Kirpan (small dagger), the true ... Hishammuddin, grandson has no comment but hopes to end the spate of his family members leaving the party after leading it. Opening salutations. There are … • 11/27/2014

Bouquets for Adenan, brickbats for Umno

He noted that Umno Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin has trotted out an old cliché, change or be changed, to warn the ruling party in a Malay daily on Saturday ... irresponsible and provocative “Malay keris” … • 11/22/2014

Umno turning right leads BN downhill — Ooi Kee Beng

It seized their imagination more strongly than anyone expected, leaving little doubt that Malaysia is in ... unsheathed and brandished his keris at the party’s general assembly. He would continue to do that for two more years despite extensive criticism.

The Malaysian Insider • 9/2/2011

Anwar told to answer over Menara Umno construction

GEORGE TOWN (June 18): The collapse of a massive structure from atop the keris-shaped 21-storey Menara Umno here is ... to answer questions regarding Menara Umno is Anwar, as he was the party’s state chief. Anwar was sacked from the party and …

Yahoo News Malaysia • 6/18/2013

How UPS Stole Christmas (and E-Retailers Might Save It)

NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- UPS (UPS) was feeling particularly Grinchy over Christmas, leaving many customers' trees bare ... indicating that delays were from third-party delivery services. IBM Digital Analytics estimates Web orders surged 37% over the ...

The Street • 12/26/2013

Perkasa championing Malay rights to pick up Umno Youth slack

saying the Malay party’s Youth wing had failed to win support from young people for Barisan Nasional (BN) in Election 2013. “Perkasa is more relevant today, now that Umno Youth has become more liberal and progressive, leaving the championing of …

Yahoo News Singapore • 10/18/2013

Malaysia Growth at Risk as Dagger-Waving Repels Ethnic Chinese

Leaving Malaysia More than 304,000 ... at least 60 percent of whom are UMNO members disillusioned with the party’s ability to protect Malay rights, Zubir Harun, vice president of the group that held the keris-wielding …

Bloomberg • By Shamim Adam • 9/8/2010

Homegrown hauntings

For the entertainment industry, it means an excuse to decorate their clubs and premises with horror and monster motifs to lure fun seekers to their “lairs” to party. Here ... in cinemas since post-WWII. Cathay Keris was the champion of horror movies ... • 10/13/2013

Religious, Ethnic Tensions Threaten to Blow the Lid Off Malaysia's Melting Pot

After all, Malaysia's ruling party has been the United Malays National Organization ... The education minister then brandished a keris, a traditional dagger, and another delegate urged him to start using it. A few months earlier, the prime minister ...

World Politics Review • 6/4/2007

It's just a flesh wound! Hindus scream and stab ceremonial daggers into their NECKS without drawing blood in incredible ritual

Their screams filling the air, religious pilgrims plunge ceremonial daggers into their necks and chests - and draw not a drop of blood. These stunning images ... scream and they stab themselves with their keris daggers.

Daily Mail • 11/11/2013