Meridian's Java/Spring Framework Lunch


Meridian Technology Group invites you to join us for a free lunch seminar during which our guest, Ed Lance, owner of nTier Training, will present an overview of Java/Spring Framework.


Overview of the Spring Framework


Spring provides a lightweight container for ordinary JavaBeans and allows us to create complex graphs of objects and their relationships declaratively.  It offers us a flexible web framework that implements MVC and opens up for functionality via pluggable strategies.  Additionally, Spring provides the ability to do Aspect Oriented Programming to allow us to address “cross-cutting” concerns.


  • We'll explain and demonstrate Dependency Injection / Inversion Of Control using the Spring container
  • Show why patterns are so important in Spring
  • Teach you how to build a basic Web App using Spring MVC
  • Have a brief Q&A time for any Spring-related questions.


Meridian will provide free lunch during the presentation from 11:30 to 1:30 Oct 22nd.  See you at the Shilo! 


About the Presenter:


Ed Lance is the owner of nTier Training LLC (  He has been programming and teaching Java since 1995.  A constant student himself, Ed believes that those attending nTier classes should “drink from a running stream not a stagnant pond.” Though he's still a hands-on developer,  his management degree and experience keep him very passionate about using OO, Agile and Java related technologies to lower the total cost of software ownership.

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