Apartment Buying Made Simple 8/20

Apartment Buying Made Simple with Tom HendersonTom Henderson will be teaching you the basic skills of how to analyze income producing property. The value of income producing property is based on INCOME or Cash Flow, not comps. Tom will take the mystery out of how much to pay for apartments. The following is only part of what you will learn:* What is an APOD and how it is used (Annual Property Operating Data) Hands on in class instruction on how to analyze the form. It is as simple as filling in the blanks. * What is a cap rate? What it tells you and what it does not and how it can make you rich * How to Buy at One Cap Rate and Flip at another to make tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars * How to reconstruct expenses and income * What Price Per Unit tells you and why it can be a trap * What is a Gross Rent Multiplier and how it can be deceptive * How to determine the property's NOI (Net Operating Income) and why this figure is critical * How to determine cash on cash return (This can be the most important key to your purchase) * How to correctly determine occupancy rates (What brokers will not tell you) * The Magic Circle formula for determining Cap rates, Value of Property and Income * Due diligence check list and what must not be skipped * How to VERIFY, VERIFY, VERIFY * What is Debt Service Coverage Ratio ans why this is important (How lenders look at it differently from accountants) * What is Net Cash Flow and how it gets you the loan or keep you from going broke * What is the Internal Rate of Return and how brokers use this to sell property (Do not fall for it) * Poker Strategy for Buying Income Property * Three traps to avoid when purchasing apartments * Three magic rules when purchasing income property * Three different management techniques (Do not believe you will not be managing) * How to keep and attract tenants * 25 questions you should ask when interviewing a property manager * Draw backs of apartments that guru's will not tell you * How to find apartments (What to look for and what to pass up) * 7 no nonsense ways to finance apartments with little or nothing down * How to use owner financing to buy and to sell * One sure way of never overpaying * 1031 tax deferred exchanges and taxes * Glossary of terms for easy reference * Other money making ratios * Exit Strategies (What guru's don't tell you) * Real examples to study and evaluate (Bring your own deals to analyze in class)Buying income property can produce fortunes in a very short amount of time. Whether you are looking for cash flow or instant obscene profits, once you understand the basics, you will have the skills necessary to determine which apartments to purchase, which to pass on. You do not need to spend thousands for extensive boot camps. Tom teaches you the basic concepts and provides you with check lists, where you can instantly know what you will offer for any apartment house, whether it be a 4-plex or over 100 units. You can be acting out of knowledge and confidence. Rather than deals passing you by, you will know which deals to let go by, and which deals to jump on.SIGN UP NOW BEFORE CLASS FILLS UP!!!DFWREIN OFFICE 12801 N. Stemmons Frwy Suite 700 Dallas, TX 75234 Valley View & I-35 Southwest CornerRegistration: 8:30AM - 9:00AM Meeting: 9:00AM - 1:00PM$79 - MEMBERS Early Bird Special 8/16 $99 - MEMBERS After 8/16 $119 - NON-MEMBERSIF YOU SIGNED UP FOR MEMBERSHIP WITH SOMEONE WHO IS ALREADY ATTENDING, THEN YOU CAN PAY THE SPECIAL PRICING:$39 - SECONDARY MEMBERS Early Bird Special 8/16 $49 - SECONDARY MEMBERS After 8/16

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