Reel Identities -- Coffee/Eating Out

Directed by Todd Bartoo
Narrative Short | 2004, United States
When Polly, John and Jane meet for coffee, as usual the talk turns to guys, but this time they’re about to find out that the coffee’s not the only thing that’s hot. (11 minutes)

Eating Out
Directed by Q Allan Brocka
Narrative Feature | 2004, United States Reel Identities is pleased to present Q Allan Brocka’s (director of last year’s festival hit “Seventy”) first feature, a witty college comedy centering on a straight guy playing gay to get the girl. Hey -- it was his gay best friend’s idea! The straight guy in question is Caleb, a hunky poli-sci major who likes aggressive girls - specifically Gwen, a potty-mouthed blonde who always falls for gay boys, including her gorgeous roommate Marc. Kyle (“American Idol” finalist Jim Verraros) has harbored a crush on Marc forever, and Caleb dating Gwen might be his way to finally get to him. But when Gwen decides Caleb would be perfect for Marc, how far will the straight guy go to continue his charade? (90 minutes)

Name Sales End Price
Advance Ticket Purchase Ended $7.5

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