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To order a Subscription:

Step 1 - Process your payment into this event to become a subscriber to Vintage Theatre

Step 2 - As you determine the dates that you would like to attend each production, visit our website at www.vintagetheare.com and select that performance date and secure your tickets using the Sub Resv Ticket Type at $0.00 OR you can call us at 303.839.1361



Some patrons like to put in tentative dates now and then move them later on - when needed.

It helps Vintage Theatre when Subscribers attend in the first two weekends of the performance run!

Remember that you can exchange subscriptin tickets as much as needed between the same titled play 



- You will receive a letter by email verifying that your subscription was processed. 

- Throughout the year - we will send you postcards and emails (10-14 annually) reminding you about the performances - you can then secure your reservation through our calendar (step 2 above) or call 303.839.1361 

Name Price Fee
Sub 3 Plays $45 $0.99
Donation   Free