No Guts No Glory: The Ultimate Skillz Challenge


For More Information Contact the tournament coordinator @ 410-908-2714 or 443-857-0567


NEXT: September 25, 2008 @ 5 Seasons

830 Guilford Ave...Balto, MD 21202

Doors Open 8pm



Competition Starts 10pm

Afterparty 'til 2am


G.E.M. & Young Sac


HOST: C-Love

18 to Enter / 21 to drink

TO SPECTATE: $5 ladies / $10 fellas

To Be a Featured Act:

Contact Bunny @ 410-908-2714


For Registration:

Rules For No Guts No Glory: The Ultimate Skillz Challenge

-The First MC's name is drawn & will challenge any other competing MC of his choice.

-Each MC performs 1 verse & hook (16-24 bars) to beats selected by the DJ.

-2 selected judges & the audience (the 3rd judge)* select the winner

-The next MC's name is drawn but the last winner can't be chosen for that round.

-This process continues until only 2 MCs remain.

-These 2 MCs compete for best 2 of 3 rounds.

-Winner gets all prize money

-Patrons & Participants enter the venue understanding that the event will be recorded.

-This is a professional style competition

-Contestants failing to appear or harassing judges will be ejected & forfeit their entry fee.

-Use good judgment, if it's out of line, it may affect how the judges decide.

-Contestants that distract other contestants' performances will be disqualified.

-Physical contact of any type will not be tolerated & result in immediate disqualification.

-Rude &/or sexual gestures are frowned upon, but not totally prohibited.

-Contestants experiencing audio malfunction may start over (Audio skips or loss of mic, etc)

-A contestant judged as purposely causing these malfunction(s) will be disqualified.

-Contestants that insult or confront audience members or competitors will be disqualified.

-We reserve right to disqualify contestants, or judges in violation of the aforementioned rules.

-All judged decisions are final.

*Votes based on: Flow, Aggression, Content, Wordplay, Originality, Killer Bars,

Presence, Cadence, Articulation & Crowd Control.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Sample Ticket Ended $5 $0.99

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