Workplace People Skills: Advanced : CONFLICT IS NOT A FOUR-LETTER WORD - 2 90-minute sessions.

Advanced People Skills

Building on the skills in the Foundational Program, this seminar addresses long-standing conflicts and deep-seated differences. When you have to work with (or live with) people who are very different from you in values, principles, work ethic, approach or standards, it is essential to understand the underlying mechanics and know how to address and/or manage the relationships productively for all. Having these skills can make the difference between leaving and succeeding!

In this 2-session program, you will learn how to:

  • Recognize positive aspects of conflict
  • Separate the words from the message
  • Listen insightfully
  • Ask questions that move conversations forward
  • Understand different sensory preferences
  • Discuss long-standing difficulties rationally
  • Know when to hold and when to fold
  • End a relationship without making enemies
  • Manage "frenemies" in the workplace

This program is facilitated by Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, Founder of the Optimize Institute.

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