No Premature Decisionification

Webinar on Enhancing Decision-Making through Right-Brain Skills


Projects are part of the bread and butter of business, whether involving a product launch, opening of a satellite facility, new marketing campaign, etc.  When projects involve a large investment of capital, you simply can’t afford to make mistakes.  However, sometimes the numbers can seemingly add up and there still be an invisible pitfall.  What to do?  Certainly not “premature desicionification!”


How to make sure you make “no decisions before their time?” Add intuition to your repertoire!  Utilizing intuition and paying attention to what it’s telling you can forestall later problems.


This conference will show you how to use other parts of your mind as a sentinel and source of project “guidance.”  In it, we’ll cover the following information:


  • What intuition really is
  • How intuition and your inner sentinel canassess projects and decisions
  • How to access your intuition, includingon-demand
  • How to harvest the output of yourintuition
  • Blocks to it and Facilitators of it
  • Some hands-on practice

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