Search & Create Filters and Groups in GoldMine

Event : Search & Create Filters in GoldMine

Location : Web Training Using GoToWebinar

Type : Web Training Duration : 45 Minutes

Cost :$50


45 Minute web training on searching your GoldMine database using filters and groups (Corporate & Premium Ed.) Topics will include quick searches, Contact Search Center, filters, and groups. Audience: GoldMine Premium Edition, GoldMine Corporate Edition, and GoldMine Standard Edition (6X & 5X) Users

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Webinar Attendee Ended $50 $1.25

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In GoldMine Premium Edition it is very easy to create Filters and Groups from the Contact Search Center. Most people may be familiar with using the Filter or Group ...

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... click the “New” button to create a new filter. ... GoldMine will group those filters together for quick access by you or whomever you assign the the filter to.

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GoldMine Premium - Creating and Saving Filters in the Contact Search Center You can easily build filters in the Contact Search Center in ... filters and groups ...

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Did you know that you can save any Search in GoldMine as a Filter? 1. Bring up your Search Center by clicking on the "Search" button on the top level toolbar.

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BTW, I found I was able to work around by creating group from Search center and saving as a group or filter or SQL search. Posted 7/18/2010 5:24 PM|

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Create a new GoldMine user defined field: U2011FALL Use this field as a flag field ... Subscribe to Create a Filter/Group Off of SQL Query? Email Rss:

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