Fear Free Marketing - 30 Day Action Plan to Improve Marketing Results

Fear Free Marketing: 30 Day Action Plan to Improve Marketing Results

Having trouble getting attention on your company's products and services?

According to the author Stephen Fairley 30% of the small companies in their first year are not able to find 10 paying clients. Why is that so?

I believe that there is one major reason that leads to that result: Companies don’t contact enough people directly to get the message out there and they don’t ask enough potential clients directly for their business.

Now the relevant question is: why do companies not contact enough people directly?
I hold three major reasons accountable for that:
1. they don’t have the marketing skills nor a direct marketing and follow-up strategy.
2. they don’t follow through on their plans
3. they don’t like to ask people for their business.

Therefore, I have developed this four week course for business owners who want to develop a direct marketing strategy, not one that gets you into contact with people on a one event basis, but one that develops trust and direct contact through providing value on a continuous basis - one of the steps to a sustainable profit level and part of this program.

During the four weeks, we will work on the following:
Week 1: creating a compelling vision that potential clients understand and imprinting that into your subconscious mind; preparing basic marketing material that reflects that vision if you don’t have it yet (stationary, business card, web site, etc.). Collecting ideas for marketing. Week 2: designing a marketing plan and an action strategy that builds trust with potential clients, provides value to them and keeps you in direct contact with them on a consistent basis. Getting into action to implement the plan. Week 3: overcoming mental blocks and feelings of fear while imprinting new empowering beliefs through the use of EFT and NLP. Week 4: learning how to ask for the business and keeping track of your success.

Get Your Marketing Results on the Right Track and deliver clients to your business.

Class Size limited to ** 10 **

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