How Blogging Can Help Your Business



  • Have you heard of blogs and wonder what they are all about?

  • Are you wondering if a blog could help your business?

  • Do you want to be known as an authority in your field?

  • Do you want to leverage the most cost-effective means for boosting your business’ image, exposure, brand, reputation, and revenue?
Blogging has evolved into a cutting-edge marketing tool that is immediate, personal, and engaging. Blogging can boost your image, exposure, reputation, and revenue. Best of all blogging is within the financial reach of everyone.


Done well, a small company can achieve results that large firms with millions of dollars to spend on marketing would be hard-pressed to achieve.

In this FREE seminar you will learn:



  • What a blog is

  • How they work

  • Why they are so effective

  • How to get started



Dave's Social Media Minute

After the regular seminar, dave will give a 10-minute informal session on some social media topic.  THis time the topic will be:

Monitoring Your Reputation




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