NLP Master Practitioner - Executive coaching

NLP Master Practitioner - Coaching Module
Successful completion of this course, along with two other Master classes, will enable you to become accredited and certified as a master practitioner.

Your course facilitators, Michael Beale will bring you the best of UK and US Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training. Michael is a Richard Bandler certified trainer of NLP, and a John Grinder accredited NLP coach.

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NLP Coaching course Objectives

This course will give you the tools, skills and practice that you need to develop your coaching skills in a professional environment. You may want to set up a coaching practice, or you may want to develop your skills as a coach in a corporate or managerial context. This course has something for anyone who wants to succeed as an effective coach in a professional environment.

The course covers:

Why NLP executive coaching works
Our coaching model
Agreeing what's important to the client
Setting and agreeing outcomes, current state and success criteria
Establishing value
Managing the right process
Establishing feedback criteria
Selling an executive coaching service
Maintaining coaching relationships
This course provides exciting new avenues for using your skills to help others establish and reach their goals. This can be in the context of colleague, boss, friend or running your own coaching business. Your NLP skills will provide a very strong base for your coaching success. This master-class will take you through the next steps.

During the course you will:

Clarify your own coaching goals and ambitions

Articulate how coaching helps clients achieve significantly more exciting goals

Enable your client to more fully understand their values and what's important to them

Enable your client to set motivating goals in the context of coaching and achieve them

Enable your client to identify any 'blocks' in achieving any wider goals and come up with a variety of ways to remove them

Develop your NLP skills so they can be used effectively in a coaching context

Learn how to demonstrate and add real value to your client

Develop your own plan to develop an executive coaching business

Improve your ability in building and maintaining a profitable and beneficial relationship with your clients and potential clients

Business Benefits

During this course you will develop an extraordinary ability to coach others. This will lead to both 'bottom line' benefits and more satisfaction for both yourself and your client. Some participants find that this course provides a opportunity to open up their minds to explore new career opportunities. When combined with other master practitioner modules such as Leadership Mastery and NLP Sales Mastery, your effectiveness will be leveraged.

Personal Benefits

This course provides exciting new avenues for personal development and self-discovery. Successfully coaching others can lead to tremendous satisfaction and personal development. It can lead to highly profitable career opportunities.

Learning Styles

This master-class and the accreditation process is for people who have attained their NLP practitioner accreditation, and are committed to reach even further for heightened human excellence. As with all other NLP courses available through PPI Business NLP, you will find a safe environment to open your mind, and explore and practice new approaches and techniques. This course requires that you fully commit your attention and energies; those who aren稚 able to commit their attention will limit their own potential with NLP, and hinder the growth of other participants.

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