How to Get No Cost Referrals and Leads: Please Join Us for a One-Day Referral Marketing Academy

Agenda: How to Get No Cost Referrals and Leads

Referrals are the most cost effective way to do marketing. They are pre-qualified, come complete with a living testimonial and don't cost a dime. Then why don't most businesses institute a program to get more of these types of leads? The Referral Marketing Academy by Square 2 Marketing helps you build a powerful referral marketing program for your business. And does it on the cheap!

You will learn:

1. How to Develop a Referral Marketing Strategy.

2. The Biggest Problems With Referrals.

3. How to be Proactive about Referrals.

4. How to Avoid the Armeggedon Scenario.

5. When to Ask For Referrals.

6. Who to Ask For Referrals?

7. Tips for Getting Referrals.

8. Examples of Great Referral Programs.

9. Why Everyone Loves a Referral.

10. What to Do When You Get a Referral.

And much more...


Hosted By Square 2 Marketing:

Square 2 Marketing is a “no fluff” marketing consulting firm. Some people even consider us the anti-ad agency. Our approach to marketing is from the perspective of the business owner and the customer, applying our experience and our Reality Marketing™system to deliver real programs that have been proven to deliver real results. If this straightforward approach to helping our clients grow their business appeals to you, our company may be the place for you.

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