Harvesting the Lessons of Family Life: Changing Patterns and Beliefs with Family Repatterning

For many people family life yields as much sorrow as joy. Whether it's our parents, our children, or other loved ones, family life can confer disconnection and suffering, failing to satisfy the deep need for belonging we all share. While the keynote image for the autumn season is the joyous gathering at the holiday feast, for some the table is threadbare, while for others there is a bitter condiment along side the abundant meal. Now as we enter holiday season, this is the perfect time to harvest the lessons of family life so that we can turn the fallen leaves into gold and mature into our best selves.

Our families are the breeding ground for many of the patterns we will experience and enact throughout our lives. That's why acknowledging the losses, finding reconnection, and releasing the patterns are all critical for those who want to thrive and pay something good forward in life.

In this one-day workshop, we’ll gather together in a circle of healing to hold, nurture, and heal through Family Repatterning, a form of Family Constellation work. We are all are planted and grow up in the terrain of our particular family. Family Repatterning shows how to deepen and widen our view of this terrain to see how personal issues arise from it, and how to resolve issues of the past in the present. Based upon the field theory research of British biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, Family Repatterning is based on the pioneering family constellations work of Bert Hellinger. It's tand has become very popular in Europe over the last 25 years

Coming together in a healing circle, workshop members participate in creating a living picture of an individual's family system. At first we reveal the system with all of its blockages, then we gently realign it,moving the system into a healthier configuration that benefits all its members and restores the flow of love and natural connection between family members. In the process, something very deep, at the level of the soul, is nourished.
Only one family member, working with other participants in the workshop, needs to be present to invoke her or his "family field." The evolution of each constellation is a guided unfolding of that family's unique path to self-revelation and healing, carefully supported by the facilitator and participants.
In order to assure your place, please note that no refunds are offered (unless the workshop is canceled.) Many thanks!

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