Life and Health Repatterning Toolkit: with Family Constellations-- 10 - 5 each day

Family Patterns impact our lives, our health, and our sense of wellbeing, which is why pioneering integrative physician Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt considers it essential to access approaches effective at clearing patterns from the past. Family Constellations and Family Repatterning accomplish this fundamental to health preservation and recovery. In this two day workshop, NYC based constellations facilitator, Alison Rose Levy, MA welcomes Andreanna Rainville, RN, a primary instructor (and one of the most seasoned practitioners) of Dr. Klinghardt's ground-breaking work.

Over these two days, participants will experience how and why Family Constellations and Family Repatterning are unique in creating breakthrough in the family imbalances underlying health issues. This experiential workshop will bring participants together to undertake constellations on behalf of those present and their families.

in addition, we'll learn about and experience Dr. Kilnghardt's unique vision of healing, as Andreanna orients you to his approach while sharing special self-care tools that suppport making and integrating life-promoting changes. The workshop will include a variety of tools used to balance, harmonize, and ground you. As we focus on health, life, and family changes, we welcome both practitioners, people with health challenges, and all family members.

Bacground on Family Repatterning and Family Constellation work: Without realizing it, people often re-enact patterns that originate in the past. Unrecognized ancestral traumas breed relationship, health, financial, and family issues that defy repeated attempts to transform them. Family Repatterning is an embodied method to uncover and resolve these past events and traumas in the present. Combining family constellation work (developed and practiced in Europe over the last twenty years) with mindfulness, ritual, and scientifically proven guided imagery techniques, this method creates resolution and familial reconnection.

Registration fees are non-refundable but may be applied to a future Family Repatterning workshop at the NY Anthroposophical Society if needed.

Name Sales End Price Fee
Member Anthroposophical Society-Weekend Ended $165 $4.12
Workshop Participant (non-member) Weekend Ended $175 $4.38
Early Bird (ends August 21) Ended $150 $3.75
Family Healing Partners Ended Free
Single Day Ended $95 $2.38
Collective Realm FIrst Timer Ended $150 $3.75

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