"Sales Habits To Thrive In Today's Economy" by Winning Sales Habits

Are You Maximizing Your Sales Potential?

Winning Sales Habits is not your average sales training program.  No hype.  No cosmic woo-woo.  No "win one for the gipper."

"The presentation was exactly what I have been searching for going on 3 years now. The structure was the best I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins and others and I learned more in 1 day then I’ve learned from all of the others combined."

-Simon Hanauer, Sales Manager, New Horizons Computer Learning Center

You'll not only learn the "best practices" based on interviews with over 1200 top performers, but we also teach a system to make those habits predictable, repeatable and automatic.  Plus, we realize that "everything counts" in sales.  You'll discover the habits that will increase your income and those that will lead to a more balanced, satisfying and fun life.

You'll Learn How To:
- Create unshakeable optimism, persistence and drive.
- Have a consistent "preparation ritual" before each sales call.
- Communicate value more effectively by understanding your clients' true needs.
- Reach your "performance zone" every time you're in front of a client.
- Have as much energy at the end of the day as you did in the beginning.
- Customize your presentation for different types of clients.
- Be ready for any objection your client can throw at you.
- Ask more effective questions to strengthen client relationships.
- Have more fun selling than you've ever had before!

Investment Includes:

- Full-day training with Winning Sales Habits founder Jeffrey Howard and Steven Langlois
- Small group workshop atmosphere (no balancing workbooks on your lap)
- Access to our "30-Day Challenge" follow-up system to make new habits stick
- The Winning Sales Habits Training Manual
- Coffee and snacks

Join us for a program that will help you sell more in today's economy.

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