Theory of Constraints (TOC-5158)

Introduction to Theory of Constraints (TOC) Production Two-Day Workshop In his book The Goal, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt describes an entertaining story about how Alex Rogo applied some innovative thinking to save the Bearington Plant. The steps he followed seem logical, but are often difficult to apply in reality. There are two key reasons for this: The steps are not laid out in The Goal in a process that is easy to reproduce, and What Alex Rogo did flies in the face of common day practice – requiring not just logistical change, but a whole new way of thinking about how the organization should operate. The two-day seminar, Introduction to TOC Production, takes the participant through a more systematic approach to solving the problems of operations – no matter what type of environment. During this interactive two days, participants will: Learn what lies at the roots of the problems of all production environments. Understand the systematic process for quickly gaining incredible results from their current operation through the application of the Five Focusing Steps. Understand why the words “Drum Buffer Rope” have been coined as another name for this solution. Understand the need for aligning the organization to work in concert with the solution. Agenda The Process of Ongoing Improvement What to Change The problems Analyzing the time and cost to address these problems An experiment to validate that these are the problems we need to invest in Understanding the underlying roots of the problems – a conflict! Validating the roots – experiments to show the effects of measurements What to Change To The Five Focusing Steps Applying the Five Focusing Steps to our Experiments Aligning the release of material to the solution Aligning the operational rules to support the solution Aligning our control process with the solution How to Cause the Change Putting the logistical and organizational change into place. Price: $695 per person TO REGISTER BY MAIL go to, print the registration form, and mail the completed form with a check made to ISCEA.ISCEA - Exec Director of Education & Certifications: Dr. Charles A. Watts, DBA, CPIM, Jonah Professor of Operations Management John Carroll University, Cleveland, OhioISCEA - Director of Theory of Constraints Programs: Dr. Barbara Doll, Ph.D, PMP University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Name Price
Sep 15-16, 2005 -Cleveland, OH $895
Jan 27-28, 2005 The University of Akron $695
Mar 24-25, 2005 Youngstown State University $695
Apr 25-26, 2005 Hilton Chicago $695

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