SpringSource Seminar - Athens, Greece

The Hellenic Java User Group and SpringSource are proud to present the free Spring Seminar. This Seminar will be a 4-hour seminar with 2 talks of Iwein Fuld, consultant at SpringSource based around the Spring Portfolio and the SpringSource Application Platform. The sessions will start around 1.30 PM and ends at 6 PM.

In addition to the SpringSource Seminar, SpringSource organizes a 4-day Core Spring training in Athens, during 26-29 of August. For more information: http://www.springsource.com/training/spr001/2008/core-ath-1. Take advantage of the Early Bird discount, register before July 26th and save EUR 300!

During the SpringSource Seminar, the following sessions will be presented;

Spring Portfolio; Current state and beyond

The Spring Framework 2.5 introduced comprehensive support for annotation-based configuration, along with full support for the Java 6 and Java EE 5 platforms. Now Spring is preparing for the Spring 3.0 release, introducing further annotation-based configuration options and unified expression language support. This talk discusses Spring as a modern Java 5 oriented application framework - covering the core component model, integration with common technologies such as JPA and JSF, as well as Spring's annotation-driven web MVC.

Application Platform

If you're a Java web developer, you're certainly familiar with monolithic WAR deployments and library bloat, and you've probably thought numerous times, "There must be a better way." Well, there is! By building on the benefits of an OSGi runtime environment and combining the Spring and Spring-DM programming models, the SpringSource Application Platform offers enterprise web developers exciting new opportunities. This session will focus on developing web applications in an OSGi environment and will include a discussion of the migration path from a standard Java EE WAR to a fully OSGi-enabled web application packaged as a Web Module within a PAR. We will begin with an overview of deployment and packaging options available on the Platform and then take a closer look ateach supported web deployment model from Standard WARs to Shared Libraries WARs, Shared Services WARs, and finally Web Modules. Attendees will walk away with a solid understanding of how to both develop and deploy next generation web applications on the S2AP.


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